Course Rotation

Some music courses are not offered every semester; therefore it is important to plan ahead in scheduling these courses and progressing toward degree completion. At the end of the sophomore year, students should set a tentative graduation date and then make a semester-by-semester plan for completing all remaining degree requirements. It is also important to note courses which are prerequisites to other courses. A partial listing of courses which are degree requirements and are not offered every semester is listed below:

MUS 1111 Flute/Saxophone Methods Spring
MUS 1112 Oboe/Bassoon Methods Fall
MUS 1113 Clarinet Methods Fall
MUS 1114 Trumpet/Horn Methods Fall
MUS 1115 Trombone, Baritone, Tuba Methods Spring
MUS 1116 Strings (Non-String Majors) Fall
MUS 1117 Violin Fall, odd # years
MUS 1118 Viola Spring, even # years
MUS 1119 Percussion Spring
MUS 1120 Cello Fall, even # years
MUS 1121 Double Bass Spring, odd # years
MUS 1151 Diction II Fall
MUS 1152 Diction III Spring
MUS 1153 Diction IV Spring
MUS 1330 Intro to Mus Ed Fall, Spring
MUS 1331 Intro to Music Software Fall, Spring
MUS 3132 Choral Methods I Fall
MUS 3212 String Methods (String Majors) Fall
MUS 3232 Choral Methods II Spring
MUS 3260 Instr. Conducting Spring
MUS 3261 Choral Conducting Spring, prerequisite to MUS 4337
MUS 3331 Mus. in Elem School Fall, Spring
MUS 3334 Secondary Choral Music Fall
MUS 3335 Inst. Methods/Sec. School Spring
MUS 3337 Elem Mus. Ed. As needed
MUS 4219 March./Jazz Ped. Fall
MUS 4280 Senior Seminar Spring
MUS 4337 Choral Literature Fall

A limited number of courses are offered in alternating years (such as piano pedagogy, literature, and elective music history courses). Students taking these courses should check with their academic advisor before including these courses in a long-term degree plan.