The brass area faculty shares the philosophy that frequent performance opportunities yield the most successful professional musicians and educators.

• Weekly studio classes provide each student with an occasion to stand in front of an encouraging network of colleagues and teachers.

• Brass Hour is held every Thursday at 4:00 PM students are assigned several solo performance dates during the semester to play in front of the brass area faculty and student body.

• Chamber Music depending on the degree sought, each student is required to fulfill a requisite number of semesters of Chamber Music credit. Each quintet, quartet, trio or small brass ensemble will perform twice during each semester of study.

• Master Class instruction the Brass Area at Baylor continues to host many of the nations top orchestral, solo, recording and chamber artists. While attendance is mandatory, we strongly encourage students to perform in these master class venues.

• Studio performances each of the brass studios are actively engaged in corporate performance at area conferences, music educator conventions, national workshops and symposia. As the brass area seeks to make a pronounced national impact among schools of music, studio performance and travel will continue to increase.

• Graduate Brass Quintet each of the graduate students from the respective studios combine to form a semi-professional brass quintet coached by Wiff Rudd. The Graduate Brass Quintet will help to promote recruitment, pursue recording opportunities and perform in multi faceted venues around Baylor and Texas.