Dr. Robin Wallace

Professor of Musicology
School of Music
One Bear Place #97408
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798
Phone: (254) 710-2360
Fax: (254) 710-1191

Robin Wallace, Professor of Musicology, has taught at Baylor since 2003. Dr. Wallace received his AB from Oberlin College and his MPhil and PhD from Yale University. Prior to Baylor he taught at the Petrie School of Music at Converse College. Dr. Wallace is the author of Take Note: An Introduction to Music through Active Listening, an introductory textbook published by Oxford University Press. He is an authority on the critical reception of the music of Beethoven, which is the subject of his first published book and of two volumes of primary sources he translated and edited. His publications also include numerous journal articles, reviews, and book chapters. He is currently writing a book about Beethoven’s deafness. Dr. Wallace teaches the music of the Romantic period to both undergraduates and graduate students. He also teaches in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, whose graduates fondly recall his performance of John Cage’s 4’33" even if they don’t remember a note of the music.