Dr. Jean Boyd

Professor of Musicology
School of Music
One Bear Place #97408
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798
Phone: (254) 710-2360
Fax: (254) 710-1191

Jean Boyd has taught in the Baylor University School of Music since 1972. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Church Music and her Master of Music in Music History from Baylor University. Her Ph.D. in musicology was granted by The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Boyd is an American Music Scholar, and teaches a variety of classes and seminars in American music, including American Folk Music, American Classical Music, American Jazz, American Popular Music, and American Musical Theater. She also teaches two core music history courses, Music in Europe and the United States from the end of World War I to the Present, and a graduate 20th-century class. Since the mid-1980s Dr. Boyd has been doing research in western swing, a style of swing jazz that was first created in Fort Worth, Texas in 1932. To date she has published three books, two articles, and has done three presentations on the topic of western swing. Dr. Boyd is currently working on her fourth western-swing book, which will document and explain the spread of western swing all over the United States, to Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. Whereas research is important to Dr. Boyd, her top priorities are her students and her teaching.