The music theory program at Baylor provides:

• A vital component of the curriculum for all undergraduate and graduate music degrees

• Specialized courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees with a major in music theory

Core Theory Curriculum

The core theory curriculum is taken by all undergraduate music majors includes:

• five semesters of written theory

• four semesters of musicianship (also known as aural skills or ear training).

These core courses are geared toward the learning of cognitive, perceptual, performance, and analytical skills that are extremely valuable for any career path in music. In theory courses we examine the essential nature of music, its properties and its structures, beginning with fundamentals such as intervals, scales, and keys, and proceeding through advanced study of harmony, musical form, and theories of modern music. In musicianship courses students develop the ability to comprehend and reproduce music they have heard but not seen in notation, and to comprehend and accurately perform notated music they have not previously heard. The various levels of musicianship and theory courses are designed to be complementary, with each musicianship course reinforcing concepts being learned in the corresponding theory course. The theory program also offers upper-level courses in counterpoint, orchestration, analysis, and composition that are required on some degree plans and may be taken as elective classroom music courses on many others. Students wishing to focus on music theory as their principal area of study may do so through the Bachelor of Music with a theory major or the Bachelor of Arts, academic track.

Graduate Level Theory Study

At the graduate level we offer courses in analytical techniques, theory pedagogy, and history of theory, as well as analysis seminars on special topics. The Master of Music degree in music theory may be pursued on its own or in combination with another graduate specialty in music. Graduate assistantships are available on a competitive basis.