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Submission of this form is required of all students desiring to pursue a degree in music. Students who major in areas outside the School of Music, but want to participate in a performing ensemble, need not submit a Request for Audition form.

All prospective music majors are required to audition for appropriate applied music faculty for acceptance into the music program. Students may be selected to receive music scholarships based on performance ability, the programmatic needs of the School of Music, and official admittance to the University. Graduate students may be eligible to receive a graduate assistantship based on their ability in their major area, the programmatic needs of the School of Music, and official admittance to the University.

Any field that contains an * before the Field Name is a required field and
must be completed before form submission.

The deadline for submission of the Request to Audition form is the
Monday prior to your selected audition date.

Personal Information:

*First Name:
*Middle Name:
*Last Name:
Gender: Female Male
*Street Address:
*Zip/Postal Code: -
*Phone Number: ( ) -
*Cell Phone Number: ( ) -
*E-Mail Address:
*Do we have your permission to contact you through social media?: Yes No
List your Social Media Account Names:
Parents' Names:
*School Most Recently Attended:
*Entering Baylor as: Freshman
Freshman Transfer
Sophomore Transfer
Junior Transfer
I am a current Baylor Student
Continuing Student (formerly attended Baylor but no other university or college in the interim)
*Entering School of Music in: Spring 2014 Fall 2014

I wish to arrange an audition as follows:

Please select an On-Campus Audition Date.
Dec. 7, 2013
Jan. 25, 2014
Feb. 7, 2014
Feb. 8, 2014
Feb. 28, 2014
Mar. 1, 2014

Note: All PERCUSSIONISTS are strongly encouraged to audition on March 1, 2014.

I plan to audition in the following area(s):

I plan to audition in more than one area. (no more than 2 areas permitted)
flute trumpet violin voice-soprano piano
oboe horn viola voice-alto organ
clarinet trombone cello voice-tenor percussion
bassoon euphonium string bass voice-baritone
saxophone tuba harp voice-bass

Please select all majors within your interest:

Bachelor of Music Education Bachelor of Music - Performance Bachelor of Music - Composition
*Voice may not be the applied area.
Bachelor of Arts - Music Bachelor of Music - Church Music Bachelor of Music - Piano Pedagogy
Bachelor of Music - History/Theory Master's Degree
Master's Degree in:

Past Experience:

List the name, e-mail, and telephone number of your most recent school music director, if applicable:
List the name, e-mail, and telephone number of your church and music director if applicable:
How many years have you studied privately in your principal performance area?
List the name, address, and telephone number of your private music teacher(s).
Summarize your musical involvement during the past three years (school, church, camps, solo performances, etc.).
Attach a résumé and/or repertoire list, if desired. Document Types
Be sure you have completed all required (*) fields.

If you have changes after submitting this form, please email them to Do not resubmit this form. You will receive an email confirming receipt of this form by the School of Music.
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