Minor in Museum Studies

The minor provides students with other majors a solid introduction to the museum field, to different aspects of the museum profession, and to the study of artifacts of aesthetic or historic significance. Eighteen semester hours including the following:

A. MST 1300 (3 hours)

B. MST 4V60 (3 hours)

C. Twelve semester hours selected from at least two of the four concentration areas:

1. Education: MST 2303, 4331

2. Collections: MST 3304, 4305, 4324

3. Curation: MST  4307, 4308, 4309

4. Administration: MST 4301, 4313

D. A grade of “C” or better in museum studies courses used for the minor.

A minimum of nine hours at the “3000”·and “4000” level is required.

Department of Museum Studies

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