Degree Plan for Joint BA/MA

Students enrolled in the BA/MA program would fulfill all the requirements of their undergraduate major, and they will also complete an additional 30 hours of graduate study. (Note: MST 5304, 5309, and 5311, taken during the senior year, will count toward both the B.A and the M.A. Students must separately complete all A & S and university requirements for the B.A. in their major for a total of 124 credit hours.)


Required Courses (15 hours total)

  • MST 4300 or 5301 (Museum History and Philosophy)
  • MST 5304 (Museum Collections Management)
  • MST 5309 (Museum Education)
  • MST 5311 (Museum Administration)
  • MST 5340 (Capstone)

Electives (15 hours total)

  • At least 9 hours of 5000-level MST seminars from the following course offerings:
    • MST 5312 (Outreach and Community Relations)
    • MST 5318 (Museum Ethics)
    • MST 5323 (Historic Preservation)
    • MST 5324 (Archival Arrangement and Description)
    • MST 5326 (Archival Technology and Digital Collections Management)
    • MST 5327 (Special Topics)
    • MST 5328 (American Material Culture)
    • MST 5329 (American Decorative Arts)
    • MST 5331 (Design and Management of Exhibits)
    • MST 5333 (Issues in Preservation Management
    • MST 5V40 (Independent Study)
  • The remaining 6 hours of coursework may be completed from the following:
    • Any 5000-level MST seminar (see above listing)
    • Any 5000-level graduate seminar in a cognate field (i.e. history, English, etc.) listed in the most recent Graduate Catalog, selected in consultation with the Graduate Program Director.
    • Any 4000-level course in a cognate field (i.e. American studies, anthropology, art and art history, history, English, etc.) listed in the most recent Graduate Catalog and taught by a member of the graduate faculty, completing the additional requirements designated for graduate credit, selected in consultation with the Graduate Program Director.

Professional Experience

In consultation with the Graduate Program Director, students enrolled in the B.A./M.A. program will complete an internship the summer before they begin their Plus One Year. To document their professional experience, students will register in MST 5096.


Comprehensive exam

Students will complete a comprehensive exam testing the student’s mastery of the four core areas of museum practice: history and philosophy, museum education, museum collections management, and museum administration.

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