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What Our Alumni Say...

"The most valuable aspect of the program for me was the comprehensive nature of the curriculum. From a faculty with diverse backgrounds, students learn many aspects of the museum world from collections and preservation, to administration and business. This all-encompassing approach quickly transforms well-rounded graduate students into qualified, sought-after new museum professionals. Each student comes to the program with his or her own experiences and interests. The professors at Baylor know their students well enough and are interested enough to help each student find their unique niche in the museum profession. This was helpful to me in understanding how many different ways I might work in the museum world."
-Louise Oliver - 2010 Graduate

The Museum Studies program at Baylor University engages students in relevant topics concerning the field today. I am grateful that we were able to meet so many working professionals through the TAM Annual Meeting, professional development trips and excursions to museums in Dallas, Houston and Austin. These opportunities allowed me to have a good grasp on the environment within a museum before I entered the workforce. The program works in conjunction with the Mayborn Museum. This allowed me to obtain employment experience in a museum through a graduate assistantship while I was still completing my degree. The knowledge gained through my assistantship has proved invaluable in my career today.
Lisa Simpson - 2011 Graduate