Leave Your Mark

We can all be a part of creating a more caring community, and that begins with recognizing that we each have a lot to learn.  Leave Your Mark is an opportunity for you to engage in honest reflection, grow in self-awareness, and begin a lifelong process of appreciating perspectives and cultures different from your own.


The Leave Your Mark 100-level training promotes cultural humility on campus by introducing the concepts of personal identity, appreciation of differences, and understanding of microaggressions. This interactive experience will engage students in reflection and discussion that promotes continued learning and establishes a foundation for relationship building that supports a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Fall 2021 Dates

Stay tuned - new dates coming soon!


If you are interested in participating in one of our Leave Your Mark sessions or requesting a facilitator to lead a training for your class or organization, you may email us at: Leave_Your_Mark@baylor.edu.

Continued Learning

For more information about the topics discussed in Leave Your Mark as well as other ways to get involved or bring this conversation to campus, please visit the website below:

Baylor Diversity & Inclusion