Student Organization Forms

Below is a list of links to different forms you or your organization may need throughout the school year. If you know there is a form you need that is not listed on this page, please contact Geoffrey Griggs.

Speaker Approval Request Form

For events in which the Department of Multicultural Affairs is serving as a co-sponsor with the student organization. All other speaker approval forms must be submitted to the Department of Student Activities.

Event Funding Request Form

Please only fill out this form if you are seeking co-sponsorship of an event from The Department of Multicultural Affairs. Form must be submitted to the Department of Multicultural Affairs two months before the event for consideration of funds.

Leadership Conference Travel Fund Form

For student organizations who are seeking funding for conference attendance, travel, and lodging expenses. Conferences must be non-Greek leadership conferences that align with Baylor’s mission.

Student Organization Cultural Programming Grant Application

This fund comes from the Office of the Dean for Student Development and is managed by the Department of Multicultural Affairs. Grant funds are to be utilized to enrich and expand upon celebrating culture in various ways on campus.