Heritage Banquets

Each year, the Department of Multicultural Affairs partners with the Hispanic Student Association, the Asian Student Association, and the Association of Black Students to host a banquet for the Baylor community during each group's respective heritage month. Along with a dinner, the audience is able to hear from a speaker. Below is a list of speakers who have joined us at our past banquets. 



Hispanic Heritage Banquet Speakers 

2013 Consuelo Castillo Kickbush
2014 John Quinones
2015 Reyna Granda/Reuben Navarette
2016 Rick Najara
2017 Cathy Areu
2018 Lisbeth Arias


Asian Heritage Banquet Speakers

2013 Christine Ha
2014 Jeff Yang
2015 Eliot Chang
2016 Gene Yang
2017 Jenny Yang
2018 David Choi


Black Heritage Banquet Speakers

2014 Tamara Mowery
2015 Devon Franklin
2016 Judge Lynn Toler
2017 Ilyasah Shabazz
2018 Kiami Daveal