National Pan-Hellenic Council and Unified Greek Council


Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated's mission is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of "Service to All Mankind."


Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

The purpose of this sorority is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian awareness in the University and community, while encouraging the expression of the individual.


Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our community.


Beta Kappa Gamma

The essential mission of Beta Kappa Gamma is to strengthen bonds between existing members while becoming more active in the community.


Delta Epsilon Psi

We, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi, vow to be a fraternity whose primary purpose is to instill brotherhood, discipline, and commitment within its members through various social and service driven endeavors.


Delta Kappa Delta

Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Incorporated commits itself to the fostering of a united sisterhood, the development of the indomitable spirit, the betterment of the community through humanitarian services, and the education of ourselves and other about the Indian sub-continental culture. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to personal, cultural enrichment through the awareness and preservation of our traditions and morals.


Delta Sigma Theta

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is a private, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. Since its founding, more than 200,000 women have joined the organization. The organization is a sisterhood of predominantly Black, college educated women. 


Gamma Alpha Omega

The purpose of this organization is to put forth an effort to aid the community with an emphasis on the Hispanic community. We aim to empower women of all races to realize their potential, to promote higher education and cultural ideals by cultivating women of confidence, courage, commitment, and character for a lifetime.

Kappa Alpha Psi

The fundamental purpose is achievement in every field of human endeavor while dedicating itself to service to undergraduate campuses and service projects to the community. 

Kappa Delta Chi

The purpose of Kappa Delta Chi is to promote the traditional values of unity, honesty, integrity, and leadership. The ladies of Kappa Delta Chi are dedicated to serving the University and the minority community.


Kappa Phi Gamma

We hope to serve the community of Waco and Baylor University as well as cherish the sisterhood. We choose to support the betterment of society and ourselves.


Lambda Phi Epsilon

The purpose of Lambda Phi Epsilon is to promote academic achievement and provide philanthropy for worthy causes while promoting interaction among people of different ethnic heritages.


National Pan-Hellenic Council

The purpose of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is to serve as the official coordinating agent of the eight constituent member NPHC fraternities and sororities in the furtherance of their program unity at Baylor and within the community.


Omega Delta Phi

A latin founded multicultural fraternity, dedicated to the needs of the surrounding community to promote and maintain the values of unity, honesty, integrity, and leadership.


Phi Beta Sigma

The purpose of Phi Beta Sigma is to reaffirm and maintain a strong commitment to brotherhood, scholarship, and service and to ensure fraternity programs are focused and committed to serving humanity.

Sigma Gamma Rho

It is the mission of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated to enhance the quality of life for women and their families in the United States and globally through community service, civil, and social action. Our goal is to achieve greater progress in the areas of education, health awareness, and leadership development. Our members, affiliates, staff, and community partners work to create and support initiatives that align with our vision. 

Sigma Iota Alpha

The purpose of Sigma Iota Alpha is to constantly strive toward increased awareness of Latino and all diverse cultures while promoting sisterhood and leadership amongst members and to serve as models of excellence in academics and achievements among women.

Unified Greek Council

The primary purpose of the Unified Greek Council (UGC) is to unite its member organizations in order to share ideas and resources, promote mutual respect and equality, provide a support network for involved students.

Zeta Phi Beta

To foster the ideals of service, charity, scholarship, civil and cultural endeavors, sisterhood and finer womanhood.