Student Associations

African Student Association
Purpose: To promote diversity cultural awareness and enhance the understanding of and sensitivity of different cultures on the Baylor campus.
Asian Student Association
Purpose: To promote friendship and understanding among Asians and other Baylor students through service and social functions.
Association of Black Students
Purpose: Organization supporting unity among African-American students at Baylor.
Brazilian Student Association
Purpose: To promote a greater understanding of Brazilian and other Portuguese speaking countries among Baylor and the Waco community and to assist Portuguese speaking international students with their integration into the Baylor community.
Ethiopian/Eritrean Student Associaion
Purpose: To share the current events, history, culture and tradition of the Ethiopian/Eritrean community.
Filipino Student Association
Purpose: To promote the culture of the Philippines throughout the campus and to represent the Filipino community at Baylor.
Hispanic Student Association
Purpose: To foster an enriching experience of the Hispanic culture, heritage, and traditions in the Baylor and Waco communities while empowering and supporting students with their personal development, and advocating for a diverse and inclusive environment.
Indian Subcontinent Student Association
Purpose: To promote understanding of Indian traditions and culture and the making of new friends with different backgrounds. To participate in various service, social, cultural, and intramural events throughout the year.
Japanese Student Association
Purpose: The goals of JSA are to immerse our members and the local community in Japanese Culture and to increase their exposure to Japanese language and customs.
Korean Student Association
Purpose: To provide a social organization and to promote an awareness and appreciation for the Korean culture through various services and social functions for the students attending Baylor University.
Vietnamese Student Association
Purpose: To promote Vietnamese culture to the student body at Baylor.