Kente Ceremony

Hello everyone!

With commencement ceremonies postponed, we are working to figure out the best method for celebrating your accomplishments with our Kente ceremony. We know that those graduating are disappointed at the turn of events, and so are we. Although we realize whatever we do will be different than what we have done in previous years’ ceremonies, know that the health and safety of you, our students, the university faculty, and staff are our priorities. We are currently exploring the possibilities of an online celebration, and/or moving this years Kente ceremony for our 2020 graduates around August commencement. In the mean time, please continue to follow us on all social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram), and our weekly MA Times (subscribe on our homepage) for more information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.


The Kente Ceremony is open to ALL graduating Seniors and graduate students who wish to participate, and who are graduating in, May, August, or December 2020.

This year, as part of our Kente celebration, we will be creating a commemorative book with information about our graduates. In order to do this, we ask all students wishing to participate to register by April 12th. If you would still like to participate in the Kente Ceremony after this deadline has passed, please register by May 7th, but know that your information will not be in the commemorative book. 

Mission Statement

The Baylor University Kente Ceremony is an event which recognizes, acknowledges, emphasizes, and celebrates the educational achievement of Baylor University graduates. Our intent is to celebrate academic excellence of the graduates as they begin a bright, hopeful future, while simultaneously affirming the role of graduates in the future growth of Baylor University.

Purpose/Statement of Celebration

Our purpose is to share and celebrate a heritage rich in tradition with the Baylor community. Historically on other campuses, this event is directly identified with the African American student population, but on our campus we celebrate diversity and traditions embedded in academic excellence for all of our students. We invite family and friends to share in this ceremony. An invited minister delivers words of encouragement and expectations to the graduating class. Classmates share their experiences while at Baylor, special performances by current students follow, and finally, each graduate receives a Baylor Kente Cloth to be worn at their graduation ceremony.

This celebration is an opportunity to demonstrate the pride in the intersection of a history deeply rooted in Christianity and our hope for future graduates of Baylor University. Students are encouraged to remember those who came before, students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds who have made their mark on the Baylor campus and completed their academic journeys in their respective disciplines. During the Kente Ceremony we celebrate their individual accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of the entire graduating class, as they move toward the mission of worldwide leadership and service.

Our ultimate goal through this event is to leave a legacy of empowerment. We charge all graduates to move ahead with perseverance, challenging students to overcome situational circumstances, obstacles, or adversities which may rise up before them. Finally, we encourage all graduating students to continue to pursue their goals and while also maintaining their involvement and support for their Alma mater. Once a Bear, always a Bear!

Click on the links to learn more about the history of the Kente Ceremony, as well as the significance of the symbols and colors associated with the Kente Cloth.

For more information on the Kente Ceremony please contact Geoffrey Griggs.