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Along with our mission to "enrich the holistic development of each student by encouraging them to celebrate their personal heritage and embrace the cultures of others," we want to help all students by connecting them to on-campus and local resources that will help them to succeed during their time here at Baylor.

Having trouble managing your time, balancing school & extracurriculars? Need help with specific courses?
Academic Support Programs
Thinking about changing majors? Want to make sure you're still on track to graduate
University Advisement
Feeling overwhelmed? stressed? Want someone to talk to?
Counseling Center Website
Melange is a safe and confidential place for students of color to be able to discuss not only issues that other students face (anxiety, depression, homesickness, etc.), but also issues that may be unique to students of color (adjusting to the racial/ethnic culture of campus; dealing with racism; difficulty communicating with people of different cultures [e.g., roommates, professors]; being the target of a hate crime, fears/anxiety related to race). If you are interested in this specific group therapy contact Vincent Walford or Nancy Nealious.
Additional Counseling Center Student Resources

Please take a moment to explore the resources available to you on campus and within the community. We hope you will find an organization that meets your academic and professional needs. If you would like more information on joining a culturally based organization, please contact the Department of Multicultural Affairs at (254) 710-6948.

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