Special Interest

Aikido Club

Purpose: To promote the practice of Yoseikan Budo/Aikido and educate the Baylor community about self defense and Japanese martial arts as an important aspect of Japanese culture.

Baylor Italian Club

Purpose: Organization dedicated to promoting the Italian culture and language.

Baylor Third Culture Kids (TCK's)

Purpose: The purpose shall be to promote community amongst students with shared "third culture" and/or international experiences and to encourage an appreciation for diversity on Baylor's campus. 

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Purpose: Chinese Student & Scholar Association follows closely the rights and daily life of Chinese students and scholars who study or work at Baylor University.

Latin Dance Society
Address: OBP #97518
Adviser: Jerry Gordon, 710-3661

Purpose: To encourage student involvement in the Latin culture and to demonstrate the different styles of salsa and merengue dancing and other Latin influenced dances.

Le Cercle Francais

Purpose: Bonjour! Our club is all about celebrating and learning about French culture. We meet a few times each month and engage in fun activities such as French film nights or delicious crepe socials. You don't have to speak French or be enrolled in the class to take part in our activities; we welcome all students who are interested in French culture!

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Address: OBP #85585
Adviser: Ramona Curtis, 710-1294

Purpose: To build coalitions among people of various cultural and racial backgrounds and promote unity through Baylor University and the surrounding community.

ROOTS Natural Hair Club

Purpose: The purpose of ROOTS shall be to foster community among men and women with natural hair, educate all students about hair science as it pertains to natural hair, and to celebrate the role of hair in African American culture.

Sornum Taal

Purpose: To promote diversity and spread South-Asian culture to Baylor University's campus and the Waco community through the expression of dance forms such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip-hop, and Indian Classical. 

Taekwondo Club

Purpose: This organization will educate people in the art and philosophy of Taekwondo.

Urban Dance Society
Purpose: This is a special interest group that will allow students to take hip hop dance lessons that include popping, locking, and breaking.