Special Interest

Aikido Club

Purpose: To promote the practice of Yoseikan Budo/Aikido and educate the Baylor community about self defense and Japanese martial arts as an important aspect of Japanese culture.

Baylor Italian Club

Purpose: Organization dedicated to promoting the Italian culture and language.

Baylor Swing Dance Society

Purpose: Organization dedicated to promoting the Italian culture and language.

Coalition of Black Ambassadors

Purpose: To provide strong determined and courageous leadership and advocacy to affect our social and academic environment toward consideration of Baylor's collective concerns and issues where it pertains to the educational, socio-cultural, economic and spiritual well being of the African American community.

Chinese Students and Scholars

Purpose: Chinese Student & Scholar Association follows closely the rights and daily life of Chinese students and scholars who study or work at Baylor University.

Diverse Verses
Purpose: This is a group for those of us in the Baylor/Waco community who love to write (and maybe recite) their poetry.
Latin Dance Society
Address: OBP #97518
Adviser: Jerry Gordon, 710-3661

Purpose: To encourage student involvement in the Latin culture and to demonstrate the different styles of salsa and merengue dancing and other Latin influenced dances.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Address: OBP #85585
Adviser: Ramona Curtis, 710-1294

Purpose: To build coalitions among people of various cultural and racial backgrounds and promote unity through Baylor University and the surrounding community.

Poppers, Lockers, & Breakers
Purpose: This is a special interest group that will allow students to take hip hop dance lessons that include popping, locking, and breaking.
Taekwondo Club
Purpose: This organization will educate people in the art and philosophy of Taekwondo.