Meet Our Staff

Diana Balderas 2

Diana Balderas

  • Title: Office Manager
  • Responsibilities in Multicultural Affairs: I manage the day-to-day office administration, oversee all departmental operations, support staff on projects, coordinate all schedules, and serve as the face of the Department to visitors.
  • Contact Phone: 254-710-6948
  • Hometown: Waco, TX
  • Strengths: Achiever, Belief, Includer, Maximizer, Developer
  • Advice to Baylor Students: Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.


Pearl Beverly

  • Title: Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Responsibilities in Multicultural Affairs: We work to encourage students to taste other cultures as they enhance their own. We also look at ways to get the campus and community excited about opportunities available through student organization participation. We seek to provide quality education and entertainment through our programming efforts.
  • Contact Phone: 254-710-6948
  • Hometown: Snyder, TX
  • Strengths: Context, Arranger, Relater, Learner, Connectedness
  • Favorite Baylor Memory: The day I graduated from Baylor University. I have always loved going to graduation and meeting the parents of the students, but graduation took on a whole new meaning when I marched across that stage-a real Baylor Bear at last.
  • Advice to Baylor Students: Keep your eyes on the end product.

Geoffrey Headshot

Geoffrey Griggs

  • Title: Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Responsibilities in Multicultural Affairs: I work to encourage students to embrace other cultures as they celebrate their own. I also look at ways to get the campus and community excited about opportunities available through participation with our Big 6, Multicultural, and Greek Organizations.
  • Contact Phone: 254-710-3004
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • Strengths: Includer, Achiever, Belief, Responsibility, Restorative
  • Favorite Baylor Memory: My first Kente ceremony. Knowing that the work I was doing was having an impact on the lives of our students.
  • Advice to Baylor Students: Trust in God, Believe in Yourself, and Dare to Dream! Get all you can from us while you are here. We are here to help you!

Sharyl Loeung

Sharyl Loeung

  • Title: Coordinator for Outreach and Inclusion
  • Responsibilities in Multicultural Affairs: I assist the department in providing the necessary resources and assistance to students, such as information regarding scholarships, internships, mentoring, and leadership development.
  • Contact Phone: 254-710-1698
  • Hometown: Farmers Branch, TX, but I consider Waco home now
  • Strengths: Individualization, Strategic, Relator, Arranger, and Analytical
  • Favorite Baylor memory: When I first came down to Baylor for Truett Seminary orientation I was expecting to be a commuter student. The moment I stepped foot on campus I knew this was the place I needed to be full time. My husband and I came to orientation on a Friday, decided we were moving on a Saturday, packed a suitcase Sunday and classes started Monday. A couple that we had just met at orientation let us stay in their guest bedroom. Others helped us look for jobs and an apartment. That’s the kind of community you find at Baylor.
  • Advice to Baylor Students: Make it a priority to find a way to stay connected to something you already love and to find something new. Finding this balance will help make you a well-rounded individual.

Maggie Griffin

  • Title: Coordinator of Creative Services
  • Responsibilities in Multicultural Affairs: I assist the department in providing creative content for events and our social media platforms and assist multicultural students organizations in creating promotional materials.
  • Contact Phone: 254-710-6942
  • Hometown: Wylie, TX and now Waco- I've been here almost a decade
  • Strengths: Adaptability, Belief, Connectedness, Futurisitc, Responsibility
  • Favorite Baylor memory:As an alumna staff member, every walk around campus provokes memories. I loved my time here as a student--binge-watching get togethers during finals week, hanging out with the Collins' CLs at the front desk, being mentored beyond the classroom by professors--and now I'm creating memories as a staff member.
  • Advice to Baylor Students:Avoid the pressures to keep going, going, going. Take time to pause and reflect each semester. Make sure your friend groups, activities, and studies are helping you become more like who you want to be.


Megan Glover

  • Title:Graduate Apprentice
  • Responsibilities in Multicultural Affairs:I assist the Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs and multicultural student organizations with the implementation of events.
  • Contact Phone:254-710-1396
  • Hometown:Cypress, Texas
  • Strengths:Developer, Discipline, Relator, Positivity, Focus
  • What I'm looking forward to at Baylor:I’m excited to be back on campus and working with Baylor students to develop multicultural programs that will bring the Baylor community together. My own undergrad experience was memorable because of the departments I was able to be involved with, and I hope to bring the same opportunities to current Baylor students.
  • Advice to Baylor Students:Follow your heart and do what you are passionate about, even if that means going against the norm - don’t be afraid to be yourself! Also, don’t ever turn down free food.