About Us

The Department of Multicultural Affairs helps all students on their journey to self-awareness. The department assists students in learning about the many cultures represented on campus, as well as explore opportunities to dialogue across differences.


The mission of the Department of Multicultural Affairs is to enrich the holistic development of each student by encouraging them to celebrate their personal heritage and embrace the cultures of others.

The Department of Multicultural Affairs creates opportunities that enrich the holistic development of students. We help students:

  • Discover their story of self as it relates to their heritage and calling.
  • Engage in the story of us as they build meaningful community.
  • Value participation in the story of now as active and informed members of society.

In a diverse world, and at a university whose diversity is growing, Baylor is committed to inclusiveness, understanding and acceptance of all regardless of race or ethnicity. Consistent with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Baylor will challenge and educate all members of the University community through cultural awareness programs and by precept and example.

Baylor University is home to students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and approximately 92 other countries. As a leader in international education and the world's largest Baptist university, Baylor makes it a priority to recognize and encourage all students regardless of race or ethnicity. We seek to enable and inspire students to learn about differing cultural and social backgrounds that are present among their fellow students and in the local community.