Baylor's Model UN Team wins Outstanding Delegation



November 2010



At the 2010 American Model United Nations conference in Chicago, IL (November 20-23), Baylor MUN represented Estonia. The team received an award for Outstanding Delegation in Committee for GA3, which was represented by Sharita Khaira and Jeffrey Vitarius.



The traveling team for this conference: 2010 MUN Team Outstanding Delegation



Bottom (left to right) Karin Lieber, Sharita Khaira, Katy Johnson; Middle (left to right) Bill Dunker, James Blair, Daniel Abernathy; Back (left to right) Jeffrey Vitarius (Baylor MUN Head Delegate), Jesse Beck, Zack Wynn, Michael Stevick






Baylor Recognized as "Outstanding Delegation" at New York Conference



April 2011



At the National Model United Nations Conference in New York, April 19-23, 2011, Baylor was recognized as an "Outstanding Delegation" - the highest award the conference gives to participating schools.



In addition, in two of the committees in which our students served, we received Outstanding Delegation in Committee awards: GA 3 (represented by Jesse Beck and Sam Gomez) and NPT Review (represented by James Blair and Sharita Khaira). These in-committee awards are based upon student nominations.



Thus, our students received recognition from both the staff and their fellow peers at the conference. 2011 MUN Team Award



Bottom row (left to right) Jesse Beck, Samuel Best; Middle row (left to right) Samuel Gomez, Sharita Khaira, James Blair, Katy Johnson, Bill Dunker, Paul Warren, Jeffrey Vitarius (Baylor MUN Head Delegate); Back row (left to right) Michael Stevick, Brent Salter, Tyler Kopas