Baylor Recognized at Southern Regional Model United Nations Conference

November 2011

At the Southern Regional Model United Nations Conference in Atlanta, Baylor represented Gabon. Overall, Baylor MUN was named Honorable Mention, and in two of the committees our students received individual awards. In the Commission on the Status of Women, Jessie Campbell and Adi Raj were named Outstanding Delegation in Committee. In the Commission on Sustainable Development, Cagney McCauley was named Honorable Mention.

In addition to this recognition, three members of Baylor MUN were chosen to serve in leadership capacities at the conference. Katy Johnson and James Blair served as Committee Chairs, and Rob Ekewerekwu served as a Rapporteur.

2011 Southern Regional MUN Conference

Btm row (left to right): Katy Johnson Stevick, Sharita Khaira, Priscilla Banning, Jessie Campbell, Adi Raj, and Tiffany Clark Top row (left to right): James Blair, Tyler Kopas, Andrew Figliuzzi, Cagney McCauley, Rob Ekewerekwu


Baylor Recognized as "Outstanding Delegation" at New York Conference

April 2012

At the National Model United Nations Conference in New York, April 3-7, 2012, Baylor represented Mali, and, for the second year in a row, the team was recognized as an "Outstanding Delegation" - the highest award the conference gives to participating schools. In addition to group recognition, Cagney McCauley received an outstanding position paper award for the Conference on Sustainable Development.


2012 National MUN Conference

Photo taken inside the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations in New York.

Bottom Row (L to R): Poonam Patel, Sharita Khaira, Kelsie Benjamin, Jourdan Sanford

Middle Row (L to R): Priscilla Banning, Tiffany Clark, Jessie Campbell, Matthew Marzak, Rance Norton

Back Row (L to R): Adi Raj, Brent Salter, Tyler Kopas, Cagney McCauley, Andrew Figliuzzi, Austin Malone