Baylor Students Shine at Chicago Conference

November 2012

Thirteen Baylor students worked alongside more than 1,000 university students from around the United States at the American Model United Nations Conference in Chicago, IL (https://www.amun.org/). The students represented the nation of Iceland and in their role researched contemporary topics facing the international community including: violence against women, land mines, food security, and access to safe drinking water and sanitation. For a complete list of conference topics, visit this website: https://www.amun.org/2012-handbooks/.

Several students' accomplishments deserve specific mention. Tiffany Clark, a Master's in International Relations student, was named to the position of President of the International Court of Justice for the conference. Six of our students were in committees that were named "Outstanding Delegations," a designation that is the highest award given at Model UN conferences. These students are: Tyler Kopas (Junior, Professional Selling), Laurabeth Hooper (Sophomore, International Studies), Adi Raj (Senior, University Scholar), Paul Schlaudraff (Junior, Baylor Business Fellow/Accounting), Cagney McCauley (Senior, Biology), and Sharita Khaira (Senior, International Studies).

2012 MUN Team

Front row (left to right): Dimitri Vaynshteyn (Political Science), Laurabeth Hooper (International Studies), Tiffany Clark (MA in IR), Sharita Khaira (International Studies), Adi Raj (University Scholar), Mariam Erkin (International Studies) Back row (left to right): Tyler Kopas (Baylor Model United Nations Head Delegate, Professional Sales Major), Paul Schlaudraff (Baylor Business Fellows/Accounting), Logan Dewitt (Political Science), Brent Salter (Journalism/International Studies), Cagney McCauley (Baylor Model United Nations Assistant Head Delegate, Biology Major), Andrew Figliuzzi (International Studies), Austin Malone (Political Science)

Model United Nations team excels in national competition in New York City

March 2013

17 Baylor students traveled to New York to participate in the National Model United Nations Conference, which brings together more than 5,000 college students from around the world to participate in two week-long simulations of the United Nations. Our students represented the nations of Slovakia and South Africa, and they discussed issues such as the illicit trade of small arms, international drug trafficking, food security and the nuclear situation in North Korea, along with other topics.

At the conference, all of our students excelled and represented Baylor well. While the learning experience is always the most important part of these conferences, and awards are not the emphasis of the conference or our team, we are proud to announce that the entire team was recognized as an “Honorable Mention Delegation.” Only a small percentage of delegations receive any recognition as an Outstanding, Distinguished or Honorable Mention Delegation at this conference, so this is a noteworthy achievement.

In addition to the team recognition, several students’ individual accomplishments deserve specific mention. Mariam Erkin (senior, International Studies), Laurabeth Hooper (sophomore, International Studies), Sharita Khaira (senior, International Studies) and Tyler Kopas (junior, Professional Selling and Baylor MUN Head Delegate) were recognized as “Outstanding Delegates” by their committees. This is the highest award that an individual student can be given at a Model UN conference.

In addition to the in-committee award, Khaira and Kopas were also recognized with an Outstanding Position Paper award. The position paper is a short policy memo researched and prepared in advance of the conference.

Special thanks go to the Department of Political Science, the International Studies program, and the College of Arts & Sciences for providing generous financial support enabling us to take these students to the conference. We are grateful for this support which makes Baylor Model UN a truly merit-based team, meaning any student who earns a spot on the team is able to attend, regardless of his or her personal financial resources.

2013 MUN Team

The Baylor Model United Nations 2013 NMUN Traveling Team includes: Kelsie Benjamin (senior, Political Science); Ben Betner (junior, Political Science); Tiffany Clark (graduate student in International Relations); Brady Desko (senior, Economics); Logan Dewitt (senior, Political Science); Mariam Erkin (senior, International Studies); Ruth Anne Holiday (sophomore, International Studies); Laurabeth Hooper (sophomore, International Studies); Sharita Khaira (sophomore, International Studies); Tyler Kopas (junior, Baylor Model UN head delegate, Professional Sales major); Cagney McCauley (senior, Baylor Model UN assistant head delegate, Biology major); Adi Raj (senior, University Scholar); Renie Saenz (freshman, History); Brent Salter (senior, Journalism/International Studies); Paul Schlaudraff (junior, Baylor Business Fellows/Accounting); Anthony Severin (junior, Political Science); and Dimitri Vaynshteyn (senior, Political Science). Not pictured: Adj Raj (senior, University Scholar).

Howard Payne Model United Nations Security Council Simulation

March 2013

Seven Baylor students traveled to Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas to participate in the inaugural Howard Payne Model United Nations Security Council Simulation during the first weekend of March 2013. At the conference, Baylor students represented the nations of Russia, Rwanda and Togo, and their participation in the simulation involved researching emergency responses to terrorist attacks on oil pipelines and the resulting impact of these hypothetical attacks on the world economy. While the learning experience is always the most important part of these conferences, it is an honor for our students to be recognized for their excellent performance.

Special recognition goes to: Laura Beth Hooper and Ryan Hebert for being selected Outstanding Delegation for their representation of the Russian Federation; Laaron Backry and Matt Demond for being named "Honorable Mention" for Best Delegate in their representation of Togo and Rwanda; and Laaron Backry and Vanessa Azodo for having the "Honorable Mention" Policy Memo for their recommendations as the delegation from Togo. Cagney McCauley, our Assistant Head Delegate, served as a chair for the conference.

This conference kicks off a busy month for Baylor Model UN. ON the 23rd of March, 17 Baylor students will travel to New York for the National Model United Nations conference, where we will represent Slovakia and South Africa.


Bottom Row (left to right): Laura Beth Hooper (Sophomore - International Studies), Ruth Anne Holiday (Sophomore - International Studies), Vanessa Azodo (Freshman - Pre-Biology); Top Row (left to right): Ryan Hebert (Senior - Economics), Matt Demond (Sophomore - Economics), Cagney McCauley (Senior - Biology), Laaron Backry (Senior - Political Science)