MUN High School Conference

Since 1994, the Baylor MUN team had sponsored a High School Model United Nations Conference each Fall. Beginning with only six schools and 94 students representing 8 countries in 1994, the conference has grown considerably. By 1997 Baylor's MUN team hosted over 300 students from 21 schools representing 51 countries. Model UN team members host the conference, serving as members of the Secretariat, committee chairs, judges, expert witnesses, conference coordinators, and faculty-student liaisons.

Baylor will host the conference on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Baylor University Model United Nations

2017 High School

Conference Registration Guidelines

Important Dates and Deadlines:
  1. 2017 Registration Guidelines
  2. 2017 Country Matrix
  3. 2017 Award Guidelines
  4. 2017 Agenda
  5. 2017 Delegate Guide
  6. In this guide, you will find:
    • Committee Background Guides
    • Research Tips
    • Delegate Code of Conduct
    • Baylor MUN Parliamentary Procedure Rules
    • Guidelines for Resolution Writing
    • Position Paper Guidelines
    • See also Position Paper Template