The Baylor Model Organization of States Team (MOAS) travelled to San José, Costa Rica from March 10 -16 with the support of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Global Engagement, and the History department to participate in the 34th Modelo de la Organización Estados Americanos (MOEA) held at the Universidad Latina. Twenty-six universities from all over hemisphere attended. The team from Baylor University was the only English-speaking school from the United States although team members conducted themselves in Spanish for the model. Prior to the model, the team practiced debate and parliamentary procedures in Spanish. Students also prepared a position paper for the Dominican Republic on the agenda topics and prepared resolutions to address the challenges of the hemisphere. Jorden Jorgenson (senior, International Studies, Tacoma, WA) and Lawson Sadler, Head delegate and Co-Head delegate respectively, served on the General Committee. Lawson Sadler (junior, University Scholar, San Antonio) also represented the Dominican Republic in the debate over the Declaration of San José on migrant issues and served as Vice-Chair of that Committee. Michaela Scott (sophomore, University Scholar, Cape Girardeau, Missouri) and Trevor Allred (junior, International Studies, Houston) participated on the Inter-American Commission for Integral Development; Erin Franklin (sophomore, International Studies, Llano, TX) and Luciana Borrego (freshman, International Studies, El Paso) sat on the Committee for Political and Juridical Affairs; Jenny de la Fuente (sophomore, Latin American Studies, Mission, TX) and Will Badger (freshman, Business Fellow, Phoenix, Arizona) served on the Committee for Hemispheric Security; and Ayda Giacoman functioned as the team’s Public Information Officer. Ayda Giacoman (sophomore, Nutrition, San Pedro Sulas, Honduras) with the organizer of the event for the OAS, Victoria Abalo, were part of a podcast featured on the OAS website. Dr. Joan Supplee (History) served as the Faculty Advisor.