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Spring Semester

Washington Model OAS Conference, Washington D.C.

The Inter-American Institute of Diplomacy has sponsoed for the past 28 years, the Washington Model Organization of American States General Assembly held in Washington, D.C. The Inter-American Institute of Diplomacy (IAID) is a non-profit organization devoted to familiarizing undergraduate and graduate students of the Western Hemisphere with the issues facing the Americas, the OAS, and its member states.

The vision of one of the founders of the Model OAS program, the late Edgar Maya, is one that we share: to offer students the opportunity to debate issues, meet their peers in the Americas, and try their hand at solutions to the challenges we face. And, as faculty, our experience with students over many years confirms that meeting with OAS ambassadors in Washington, and debating at OAS Headquarters as they do, imparts a sense of purpose and reality that gives the model its great vitality.

Every April, the Edgar Maya Model OAS Conference is organized in (Washington) with the help of the OAS and the U.S. Mission to the OAS. Meetings were held both at the OAS and the Washington Plaza Hotel. Given the success of the program, the Edgar Maya Model will continue with the same formula which also includes pre-arranged meetings with embassy personnel both during and prior to the Model.

Baylor's Participation began in 2000, and its participates in the Washington, D.C., model is by invitation. Faculty sponsors select the team from the Fall MOAS class. Baylor University sends one, 10 member team to the Washington model. Students are selected based on their prior participation in models in which they have demonstrated a strong capacity for diplomacy and teamwork.

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