Certificate in Spanish for Health Professions

Health Contract for the Certificate in Spanish for Health Professions


The Health Contract is required in order to obtain the Certificate in Spanish for Health Professions. It should be a project that connects Spanish to Health Care in some way. Ideally, it should relate to an upper-level Spanish class the student has taken. The goal of the project is to engage students in critical thinking about a particular connection between Spanish language and some aspect of health care, and, ideally, to motivate students to increase their Spanish proficiency for future careers and service.

The contract should be like a short honors contract, except that it must focus on some health-related topic, and it must be all in Spanish. Students may ask any Spanish instructor at any level to supervise the contract and it may be completed at any point after Spanish 2321. 

Upon completion, a digital copy of the final project and the instructor’s final grade (pass/fail) must be sent to Dr. Karol Hardin karol_hardin@baylor.edu for certificate records. Instructors may assign a letter grade if they prefer. 

Health Contract Requirements: Students should choose one option and must work within the parameters given by their supervising instructor.

• Written Paper: Suggested minimum of 5 pages (typed, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-pt font). Should demonstrate original research (e.g., at least 5 references) and critical thinking skills. The language and grammar should be accurate and well-edited.

• Written Transcript of an NPR-Style Interview: A complete and accurate transcription of a 20-minute interview with a native speaker about a health-related topic. The language and grammar should be well-edited and appropriate for the interviewee's dialect. An alternative form could be a recorded format similar to an Oral History interview.

• Oral Presentation: 10- to 15-minute Power Point presentation. The language and grammar should be accurate and appropriate, pronunciation should be appropriate, and it should be interesting for the audience. The instructor may determine whether the presentation takes place in a class or some other setting.

Examples of Previous Health Contracts: 

• La salud mental en la literatura española [Literature]

• La salud y las medias rojas [Literature]

• A look at social determinants of health and cultural health practices in Peru [Language & Culture]

• Una historia trágica y la necesidad del uso de los estándares nacionales de CLAS [Language & Culture]

• La atención prenatal de pacientes hispanas en el este de Texas [Language & Culture] 2

• Viaje de misión a Colombia: Efectos sobre la espiritualidad y la conciencia cultural [Language, Culture]

• Una batalla para la supervivencia: como dos países metieron a pata en su lucha contra el coronavirus [Language & Culture]

• Valores comunes de atención médica observados en el Valle del Río Grande [NPR-style interview — Language & Culture]

• Entrevista y análisis de una entrevista con una mujer mexicana (65 años) que vive en Ft. Worth [NPR-style interview — Language & Culture]

• Entrevista sobre los remedios caseros en Venezuela [NPR-style interview — Language & Culture]

• Las tendencias del habla femenina y masculina en la comunidad hispana en situaciones médicas [Linguistics]

• La importancia del conocimiento de dialectos diferentes de español en los ambientes de salud [Linguistics]

• La pragmática en el ambiente médico de la medicina familiar [Linguistics]

• An Analysis of Spanish Register in a Medical Setting [Linguistics]

• Salud mental en la cultura hispana [Oral Presentation — Language & Culture]

• Las creencias hispanas sobre el período perinatal [Oral Presentation — Language & Culture]

• The Impact of Native-Language, Group Prenatal Care on Spanish Speaking Patients' Satisfaction with Care [Oral Presentation — Language & Culture]

• Español médico: una reseña de programas en las facultades de medicina [Medical Spanish Education]

• Medical Spanish: Human Anatomy Teaching Lesson Plan and Materials [Medical Spanish Education]

• Translation of Greater Waco Legal Services Form SDH – 3 [Translation]