Jim Kumahata

Jim Kumahata
Senior Lecturer in Japanese
Director of the iMLC
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Research/Teaching Interests

  • Computer-mediated communication

  • Open-source applications

  • Multimedia communication


M.M., Baylor University

Courses Taught at Baylor

  • Introductory Japanese I & II (JPN 1301 & 1302)

  • Intermediate Japanese (JPN 2310)

  • Exploring Japan (JPN 2320)

  • Advanced Japanese I (JPN 3301)

  • Japanese Culture through Reading (JPN 3302)

  • Japanese Conversation and Composition (JPN 3303)

  • Japanese Civilization (JPN 3304)

  • Special Topics in Japanese (JPN 3V70)

Selected Publications

Proceedings Articles

  • Co-authored with Marshall McArthur and Meng Yeh. “Online Listening Exercises with Videos.” In SOCALLT '03. All is Well: New Modalities in Web-Enhanced Language Learning. Ed. Ute Lahaie. (2003): 45-54.

  • “Cross Cultural Competence with Technology Tools (2): Teaching Culture with Video Letter Exchange.” In SOCALLT '02. Creating Cross-Cultural Communication: A Critical Goal of Technology-Enhanced Language Instruction. Ed. Ute Lahaie. (2002): 57-64.

  • “Integrating Technology Into the Teaching of Culture (4): Collaborative Cultural Studies over the Internet: Learning Cultures with Virtual Partners.” In Exploring New Directions in Language Learning Technology. Ed. Ute Lahaie. (2001): 115-124.

  • Co-authored with Masamichi Okubo. "Collaborative Cultural Studies over the Internet: Learning Cultures with Virtual Partners." In Annual Proceedings of Selected Research and Development [and] Practice Papers Presented at the National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Online ERIC database (2001).

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