Study Abroad

Baylor University, in conjunction with Slavic and East European Studies, is pleased to offer students from all disciplines the opportunity for semester or summer study abroad at Voronezh State University in Voronezh, Russia.


Voronezh was founded in 1586 as a fortress for protecting the southern borders of Muscovy. Three hundred years ago, the great reformer Tsar Peter I chose this city as the building site of the first Russian Navy.


Voronezh is situated on the Don river, 500 kilometers (250 miles) south of Moscow, at the intersection of transport routes connecting East and West and linking Moscow with the southern regions of the Russian Federation. Voronezh is a major industrial center, home to aviation and spacecraft manufacturing, radio electronics, and chemical industries.

Voronezh boasts a rich and varied cultural life with five theatres, a Philharmonic, museums of local history, exhibition and concert halls, a circus, and libraries. The writer Ivan Bunin, Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1935, was born in Voronezh. The city is also home to ten institutions of higher education, including Voronezh State University, Voronezh State Academy of Technology, and Voronezh Pedagogical University, with students making up 15% of Voronezh's population of one million.

For more information regarding study abroad in Voronezh contact Dr. Michael Long