Study Abroad

Tsinghua University - China

The latest Asian Studies study abroad opportunity was established in 1998 when Baylor concluded an exchange agreement with Tsinghua University in Beijing. As part of this exchange, a faculty member from Tsinghua teaches Chinese in the Baylor's Modern Foreign Languages Department each year, while Baylor faculty hold short-term research appointments at Tsinghua. Students have the opportunity to spend a semester or year studying in Tsinghua, while three students from Tsinghua typically study at Baylor each year.

Yunnan University - China

During June of 1984, an agreement was concluded with Yunnan University which established a limited faculty exchange opportunity. The first faculty exchange to Kunming occurred during the academic year 1984-1985. During the past ten years, two Baylor faculty members have taught at the Institute, while three professors from the Institute have served as visiting Baylor faculty. Several faculty members from Yunnan University have earned master's degrees at Baylor through the Third World Scholarship Program.

Seinan Gakuin University - Japan

Seinan Gakuin University, in Fukuoka, Japan, is affiliated with the Japan Baptist Convention. Since 1971, an agreement between the two institutions established an exchange of faculty and students. Since that time a close relationship has developed. Three Baylor students attend Seinan Gakuin and three students from Seinan Gakuin study at Baylor.

Yonsei University - Korea

In the Fall of 1992 Baylor University started its new exchange program with Yonsei University in Seoul. Yonsei is Korea's oldest and most prestigious private university and enjoys a long history of high academic distinction. Baylor exchange students spend a semester or year taking courses in Yonsei's International Division. The courses (in English) are designed to give a broad introduction to Korea in its Asian and world setting. In addition, students study the Korean language. Baylor students may choose to attend Yonsei for one year or for either semester.

Hong Kong Baptist University

Since the 1961-62 academic year, Baylor has provided young teachers on an annual basis to the University. A deepening relationship has developed over the years because of the Baylor graduates who have taught at Hong Kong and the Hong Kong students that have earned graduate degrees at Baylor. Typically, two graduate students from Hong Kong attend Baylor while two recent Baylor graduates teach in various fields at Hong Kong Baptist University. A competitive selection is completed in the spring semester of each academic year. In addition, a new undergraduate exchange program has been created. For the same amount of expenses incurred at Baylor, if not less, Baylor students can spend one semester or two at Hong Kong Baptist University, with great exposure to Chinese culture in one of the world's most bustling cities. All the courses at Hong Kong Baptist University, with a few exceptions, are conducted in English. Approved beforehand by each individual college, students can easily transfer to Baylor all the credits they take at Hong Kong Baptist. Baylor students will also get ample opportunity to interact and communicate with Chinese, in English or Chinese. Each Baylor student will share a two-bedroom with a student from mainland China.

For more information on any of the above programs, contact Dr. Xin Wang.