Course Listings

AST 2380 The Peoples and Culture of Asia
An introduction to contemporary Asian economy, politics, and society.

AST 3305 Traditional China (Cross-listed as HIS 3305)
Prerequisite(s): Six semester hours of history or consent of instructor.
A survey of Chinese history from its origins to 1700. Treatment of artistic, cultural, economic, literary, political, social and religious developments in China that have shaped East Asian civilizations.

AST 3307 Japan (Cross-listed as HIS 3307)
Prerequisite(s): Six semester hours of history or consent of instructor.
A survey of the internal and external forces which have affected the development of Japanese civilization from ancient times to the twentieth century. Emphasis upon political, economic, and cultural developments which have shaped modern Japan.

AST 3314 Politics and Problems of Developing Countries (Cross-listed as PSC 3314)
A survey of the political systems and problems of the developing states of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Several components of political systems will be examined.

AST 3315 Geography of East Asia (Cross-listed as GEOG 3315)
Prerequisite(s): Upper-level standing.
Geographical analysis of physical, cultural, economic, and political factors in East Asia, including land and resource usage, population changes, and economic development.

AST 3345 World Religions (Cross-listed as MH 3345 and REL 3345)
Prerequisite(s): REL 1310 and 1350 or BIC 3358; and upper-level standing.
Historical, aesthetic, philosophical, anthropological, sociological, and psychological approaches to the major faith traditions of our world.

AST 3390 Special Studies and Projects 
Special studies and research projects in Asian studies; prior approval is required. With content changed, this course may be repeated once for a maximum of six semester hours credit.

AST 3V80 Special Topics in Asian Studies     (1 to 3 sem. hrs.)
A study of special topics relating to Asia. With content changed, this course may be repeated once for a maximum of six semester hours credit. 

AST 4305 Modern China (Cross-listed as HIS 4305)
Prerequisite(s): Nine semester hours of history or consent of instructor.
A history of China from 1700 to the present that considers cultural, economic, literary, political, social, and religious developments. Emphasis will be given to the late imperial state, the Chinese heritage, decline, conflict with the West, revolution, and modernization.

AST 4310 Societies and Cultures of East Asia (Cross-listed as ANT 4310)
Cultural traits and social structures of China, Korea, and Japan in the context of their development from the traditional to the modern. Special attention on Japanese society in comparison with American society. 

AST 4325 Asian International Relations (Cross-listed as PSC 4325)
Historical and cultural background and structure of the emerging international order in Asia, with particular attention to the role of Japan, Russia and the Soviet successor states, and the People's Republic of China. 

AST 4335 Asian Economic Development (Cross-listed as ECO 4335 and INB 4335)
Prerequisite(s):ECO 1305 or a minimum grade of C in ECO 2306 and 2307; and junior standing; not open to pre-business students.
A survey of the evolution of selected economies of Asia, with the aim of identifying in each case those conditions and policies which have aided or hindered economic progress.

AST 4338 Economic Systems of the World (Cross-listed as ECO 4338 and INB 4338)
Prerequisite(s): Junior standing; not open to pre-business students.
An examination of the institutional structures and relative performance of representative capitalist and socialist economies of the world. Countries surveyed include the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, the former Soviet Union, Hungary, China, and Yugoslavia.

AST 4340 East Asian Philosophy (Cross-listed as PHI 4340)
An historical and critical survey of the major movements in Chinese, Indian, or Japanese philosophy. Course may be repeated once with different area of concentration.

AST 4346 Topics in Asian Religions (Cross-listed as REL 4346)
Prerequisite(s): REL 1310 and 1350; and upper-level standing.
The basic history, beliefs, and practices of religions in Asia. Course may highlight a specific religious tradition. The course may be repeated once with different topic.

AST 4350 Seminar in Asian Studies
An interdisciplinary seminar focusing on appropriate topics in the field of Asian studies. With content changed, this course may be repeated once for a maximum of six semester hours.

AST 4362 Traditional Music and Culture in Asia (Cross-listed as MUS 4362)
Prerequisite(s): Junior standing and above.
Analysis of specific African musical traditions within their cultural, geographical, historical, and social contexts as points of departure for analyzing and understanding broader patterns and dynamics of human activity. 

AST 4364 The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region (Cross-listed as PSC 4364) 
Historical development of the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on the contrasting roles played by China, Japan, and the United States. Discussion of alternative models of economic development and the impact of ASEAN and APEC on regionalism. Survey of the socio-political conditions in and among the region's states, with special attention devoted to Korean unification and cross-strait relations.

AST 4374 Governments and Politics of East Asia (Cross-listed as PSC 4374)
Government organization and functions, political processes, and major developments in the political systems of Japan, China, and Korea since World War II.

AST 4376 Asian Literature in Translation (Cross-listed as MLC 4376)
Major writers of the East and their representative works. Course content varies. Readings may emphasize one national literature or survey the significant works in several literatures, stressing the genres and techniques peculiar to several Asian cultures. 

AST 4388 Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
Prerequisite(s): AST 2380 or instructor's approval.
Contemporary China's social, cultural, political, and economic changes, transformations, challenges since 1978, through an interdisciplinary approach.

AST 4390 Reading Course in Political Science
Prerequisite(s): Senior standing and the consent of the chairperson of the department.
A tutorial course designed for advanced study in political science.

AST 4V80 Contemporary Issues in Asian Studies (1 to 3 sem. hrs.)
Flexible credit options for the study of contemporary issues in Asian studies for upper-level and graduate students. With content changed, this course may be repeated once for a maximum of six semester hours; a maximum of three hours may be earned for graduate credit.