Graduate Program

Baylor’s M.A. in Spanish provides a balanced study of canonical works in Latin American and Peninsular literature together with a solid grounding in Hispanic linguistics.

The Baylor faculty takes the teaching vocation seriously and mentors graduate students individually in the best practices of teaching Spanish language and literature. Small classes provide not only rich interaction between the professors and students but also a sense of community among the graduate students. Although Baylor welcomes students from any faith tradition, as a Christian university it seeks to take seriously the relevance of faith to all of its pursuits and encourages students to think broadly and critically about questions of human value.

The goals of the Master of Arts program in Spanish are:

  • To prepare students to pursue the Ph.D. in Spanish and related fields
  • To prepare students to be effective teachers
  • To prepare students to work in business and professional activities that require Spanish in this country and abroad


Distinctives of the Baylor M.A. in Spanish 
- Small class sizes
- Balanced emphases on linguistics and literature
- Personal attention of highly qualified professors
- Well articulated, practical preparation for teaching
- Independent teaching experience in the second year
- Christian perspective valued and encouraged


Opportunities for Teaching Development 
- SPA 5359 Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics required
- Class Observations in the first semester
- Mentoring Program in the second semester
- Teaching Assistantships in the first and second semesters
- Teacher of Record in the third and fourth semesters
- Teaching Certificate in Higher Education (TeaCHE) 

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts degree in Spanish requires thirty-six semester hours and can normally be completed in two years. There are two options for the degree, one that requires a thesis and one that does not. The curriculum requirements depend on which option is chosen:


Option I (Thesis Track):

Thirty-six total semester hours, including six hours for the thesis. A minimum of fifteen hours, excluding the thesis, are required at the 5000 level.

3.0 Literary Theory, Research, and Writing
6.0 Thesis
9.0 Three linguistics courses
6.0 Two peninsular literature courses
6.0 Two Latin American literature courses
6.0 Electives*
36.0 Total Hours


Option II (Non-Thesis track):

A minimum of eighteen hours must be taken at the 5000 level.

3.0 Literary Theory, Research, and Writing
9.0 Three linguistics courses
9.0 Three peninsular literature courses
9.0 Three Latin American literature courses
6.0 Electives*
36.0 Total hours


For both options, students must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in a second romance language and must also pass written and oral final examinations and/or research projects. Comprehensive exams are given in four areas. Three are required of all students: 1) Linguistics, 2) Latin American Literature, and 3) Spanish Literature of the Golden Age. The fourth exam students may choose between Spanish Medieval Literature and Spanish Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

In selecting electives, students must declare an area of emphasis: literature or linguistics. Those who have chosen a literature emphasis may substitute one linguistics course with a literature course (except for the second language acquisition course, which is required of all), or with another non-linguistics course, that is approved by the advisor.

Those who have chosen a linguistics emphasis may substitute one literature course with a linguistics course or a non-literature course that is approved by the advisor.

*Electives must be approved by the graduate advisor and must fit the area of emphasis chosen by the student.

Requirements for Application
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • 18 hours of Spanish credit beyond the second year of study
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores
  • TOEFL scores for international students whose undergraduate degree was not earned in English
  • A Statement of Purpose
  • Transcripts from all undergraduate institutions
  • Deadline for the following fall is February 1
  • All applications done through Graduate School Admission online at: