Major/Minor Requirements

Requirements for a Major in German (B.A.)

All core requirements for B.A. + Thirty semester hours of German classes, including the following:
  1. German 3301 - German Conversation and Composition.
  2. Twenty-one additional semester hours at the "3000-4000" level, of which at least six semester hours are at the "4000" level. See Course Descriptions.

Secondary Major in German (all other degree plans)

All core requirements for degree plan + Thirty semester hours including the following:
  1. GER 3301.
  2. Six semester hours of "4000" level GER electives.
  3. Fifteen semester hours of additional "3000-4000" level GER electives.
  4. Six semester hours of additional any level GER electives.

Requirements for a Minor in German (all degree plans)

Eighteen semester hours of German classes, including twelve at the "3000" or "4000" level. Can include either GER 3341 or 3345. See Course Descriptions.
Recommended electives: any other foreign language, English, history, philosophy.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Ann McGlashan
Director, Division of German and Russian