Deborah Manzanares

Deborah Manzanares
Senior Lecturer in Spanish
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Research/Teaching Interests

  • Bilingual (Spanish / English) language acquisition – bilingual childbirth to three years

  • Survivors from the ship, The Winnipeg, exiled to Chile during the Spanish Civil War

  • The lost orphans of the Spanish Civil War
  • Women’s impact in the Spanish Civil War

  • Arabic influence in the Spanish language


M.A., Spanish - Literature & Linguistics, Indiana University

M. A., English - Applied Linguistics, Indiana University

B.A., Spanish / History / Business Administration, Ball State University

Courses Taught at Baylor

  • Elementary Spanish I & II (SPA 1301 & 1302)

  • Accelerated Elementary Spanish (SPA 1412)

  • Intermediate Spanish (SPA 2310)

  • Exploring the Spanish-Speaking World (SPA 2320)

  • Special Studies in Foreign Language (MLC 2V99 III & IV)

Selected Publications


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