Andrew Wisely

Andrew Wisely
Associate Professor of German
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Research/Teaching Interests

  • Holocaust perpetrators and victims

  • Testimony and witness

  • Trauma and memory

  • Legal and medical discourses and ethics

  • Allied and German postwar justice

  • Jewish figures in Austrian literature

  • Philosophy of trust

  • 19th-20th-century German literature

  • Secular and sacred rituals


Ph.D., German Literature, Washington University, 1993

M.A., German Literature, Washington University, 1987

B.A., German, Wheaton College, 1985

Courses Taught at Baylor

  • Elementary German I & II (GER 1301 & 1302)

  • Intermediate German I & II (GER 2310 & 2320)

  • German Conversation and Composition (GER 3301)

  • German for Reading Development (GER 3302)

  • Baylor in Germany: The Dresden Experience (GER 3343)

  • Exploring the German Literary Tradition (GER 3355)

  • Special Topics: German Novella (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: Secular/Religious Germany after 1945 (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: Austria in the Twentieth Century (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: Jewish Figures in Twentieth-Century Viennese Literature (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: The Legacy of National Socialism (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: Fractured Trust: National Socialism and its Aftereffects (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: On Health and Sickness: Texts by and about German Physicians (GER 3V70)

  • Special Topics: The German Legacy of the Holocaust (GER 3V70)

  • German Literature of the 19th Century (GER 4307)

  • German Literature of the 20th Century (GER 4309)

  • German for Graduate Students I & II (GER 5370 & 5371)

  • Confession and Autobiography (GTX 4351)

Selected Publications


Arthur Schnitzler and Twentieth-Century Criticism. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2004.

Arthur Schnitzler and the Discourse of Honor and Dueling. New York: Peter Lang, 1996.

Book Chapter

  • “Renewed Trauma: Abraham de la Penha’s Testimony against Dr. Franz Lucas in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial.” In Recognizing the Past in the Present. New Studies on Medicine Before, During, and After the Holocaust. Sabine Hildebrandt, Miriam Offer and Michael Grodin, eds. (New York: Berghahn, 2020): 241-256.


  • “From Humiliation to Humanity: Reconciling Helen Goldman’s Testimony with the Forensic Strictures of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial.” S:I.M.O.N. (SHOAH: INTERVENTION. METHODS. DOCUMENTATION (Wiener Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien). 9.1 (2021): 4-35.
  • “Confession that Isn’t: The Fear Claims of Dr. Franz Lucas Between Accusation and Acquittal in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial (1964-65).” Holocaust Studies 26.4 (2020): 484-509. DOI: 10.1080/17504902.2020.1718921.
  • “War Against ‘Internal Enemies’:Dr. Franz Lucas’s Sterilization of Sinti and Roma in Ravensbrück Men’s Camp in January 1945,” Central European History 52.4 (2019): 650-671. DOI: 10.1017/S0008938919000852.

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