Ann McGlashan

Ann McGlashan
Associate Professor of German
Affiliated Faculty, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core
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Research/Teaching Interests

  • Literary translation

  • The teaching of interdisciplinary studies

  • The art of team teaching

  • German history

  • Teaching beginning language


Ph.D., Germanic Studies/Women’s Studies, Indiana University at Bloomington

M.A., German Studies/Intellectualism in East and West Germany, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

Staatsexamen (the pedagogy of German and French teaching), Braunschweig University (Germany)

B.A., French and German (Joint Honors), Hull University (United Kingdom)

Courses Taught at Baylor

  • Elementary German I & II (GER 1301 & 1302)

  • German Conversation and Composition (GER 3301)

  • German Proficiency (GER 3311)

  • Intro to German Culture: Germany in the Making (GER 3341)

  • German Drama (3353)

  • Special Topics in German (GER 4320)

  • World Cultures II (BIC 1324)

  • Examined Life III (BIC 4389)

Selected Publications


Olaf Georg Klein. Suddenly Everything Was Different: German Lives in Upheaval. Trans. by Ann McGlashan. Ed. Dwight D. Allman (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2007) [Plötzlich war alles ganz andersDeutsche Lebenswege im Umbruch (Cologne: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 1994)].

Book Chapters and Articles

  • “’Refracted Light’: Tolkien’s ‘Mythopoeia’ and the Authority of Imaginative  Literature.” In Contemplation, Crisis, Construct: Appropriating Core Texts in the Curriculum (Selected Papers from the Eleventh Annual Conference of the Association for Core Texts and Courses). J. Scott Lee, Cynthia Rutz, and Jane Kelley Rodeheffer, eds. (Lanham: University Press of America, 2014): 51-54.
  • Co-authored with William H. Brackney. "German Baptists and the Manifesto of 1848." American Baptist Quarterly 23.3 (2004): 258-280.

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