Baylor in Tuscany


Baylor in Tuscany is a five-week study abroad program in Florence--with visits to Siena, Assisi, Venice, and Rome--through which students may earn 6 credit hours of intermediate-level Italian (ITA 2310 & ITA 2320) or advanced-level Italian (ITA 3320 & 3348). 

This summer program boasts four major advantages: it offers 6 credit hours in 5 weeks, numerous opportunities for immersion in the language and culture of Italy, homestays with Italian families, and visits to places of interest in Florence and the surrounding region. Florence provides an ideal location for summer study owing to its importance as a medieval and Renaissance cultural center, its proximity to other historic and cultural sites, and its temperate climate. Beaches on the Tyrrhenian sea are within easy access. Baylor in Tuscany classes are held in the Centro Fiorenza, only a few steps away from the Ponte Vecchio and the Church of Santo Spirito. Students are also within walking distance of the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, and the train station.

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For more information contact:

Dr. Tiziano Cherubini