Study Abroad Opportunities

Baylor in Paris

Baylor in Paris is a four-and-a-half-week academic program offering students the opportunity to earn six hours of college credit in the cultural center of France and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Baylor faculty teach all courses and lead all excursions to places of interest in Paris, Versailles, the Loire valley, and Normandy. Students live and share meals with French host families who reside within the city. Thus, aside from class instruction in the language, students experience the day-to-day Parisian life as well as the extraordinarily rich culture that France has to offer. 

If you're interested in this program, please contact Dr. Cristian Bratu. To apply for Baylor in Paris 2023, click here.


Center for Undergraduate Programs Abroad (CUPA in Paris)

Every fall and/or spring Baylor sends one exchange student to Paris to take part in CUPA’s semester study abroad program. It is also possible, upon request, for a Baylor student to study in Paris with CUPA for a full academic year. CUPA will place the student in a selected Parisian family and will help him/her to choose and enroll in a wide variety of courses in Parisian universities including the Sorbonne, the Sorbonne Nouvelle, the Institut Catholique, and the Université Paris Nanterre. Subjects include French language and literature, art history, foreign relations, history, philosophy, political science, and theater. CUPA also has a French language writing center program with tutoring and individual projects in language as well as French methodology training. CUPA headquarters is located on Paris’ Left Bank at 11, rue Vavin.

Before leaving for France, students will pay Baylor full tuition, room, board, and fees for a semester or academic year. In return, they will receive one or two semesters of tuition, room, and board in Paris. Transportation costs to and from Paris are not included. Students who have tuition remission scholarships at Baylor will be able to apply them towards their tuition costs at CUPA.

The exchange program is open to Baylor students who are currently freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in good standing. By Fall 2022, one must have completed at least the first five semesters of French (including one advanced level French course). Preference will be given to sophomores who are declared French majors or minors. Other items considered in the decision are the Grade Point Average (GPA), excellence in French and a personal interview.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Drs. David Uber ( and Cristian Bratu ( by October 20, 2022, for an application for Spring 2023. For more information, visit also the CUPA website at


Baylor-Caen Exchange Program

The Baylor University/Caen University (Caen, Lower Normandy) student and faculty exchange program is an opportunity for Baylor students to spend a semester or year abroad studying either the French language or taking business courses in English (or combining both pursuits).

The Baylor/Caen program is a non-currency based exchange, which means that Baylor students pay room, board, and academic credit fees to Baylor University before leaving, while Caen exchange students do likewise at their university.

Students spending one or two semesters in Caen are able to develop their French language skills while being exposed to French and European culture. Business students would have the added benefit of taking international business courses.

Fall business students are offered a free three-week intensive French language course which begins three weeks prior to the beginning of classes. Moreover, language students can take one or two business classes without cost. Also, business students may take a three-hour credit French class without cost.

The University of Caen courses generally run from mid-October to the end of January, and from early February to the end of May.

For more information, please contact Professor Theresa Kennedy at or at (254) 710-4425.

You may also visit the Universite de Caen's website for more detailed information about their university. For more information about Caen, France, visit

The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris (AUP) is an urban institution founded in 1962. Its campus is composed of eight buildings centrally located on the Left Bank near the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. The student body includes over one hundred nationalities; visiting study abroad students make up about 10% of the student population. Courses are taught in English by an international faculty and include the following areas:

Through Baylor University’s agreement with SAI Programs, students pay Baylor tuition, just as they would if they were staying on campus. Neither SAI nor AUP will charge students tuition. In addition, all financial aid in the way of scholarships, grants, and loans will apply to a semester or academic year of study at AUP.

SAI arranges housing in shared apartments within the city. The cost of housing is paid directly to SAI. The Paris metro provides convenient transportation to and from the AUP campus and throughout the entire city. Although AUP provides no meal plan, all apartments are furnished with kitchens, and the city offers an endless array of fast-food and restaurant options.

An SAI program coordinator is always available to provide any type of support or information Baylor students may need. SAI students also have direct access to the support facilities provided to all AUP students.

For further information, please contact Dr. Cristian Bratu at or at (254) 710-4225.


IAU College - Aix-en-Provence, France

The Aix-en-Provence study abroad program offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or summer session taking courses in French through the French Honors Program at the IAU College. Located in the heart of Provence, the IAU College enables students to experience the culture of the south of France. While Aix-en-Provence emits the charm of traditional French culture in an intimate setting, it still maintains the hustle and bustle of a city. The quaint town is known for its beloved painter, Paul Cézanne, who painted the surrounding rolling landscape. Local excursions during both semester and summer programs provide students with an enhanced awareness of Provençal culture while giving them a unique and unparalleled French experience.

For more information, please contact Dr. Cristian Bratu at or at (254) 710-4225.

You may also visit IAU Aix-en-Provence's website for more detailed information about this institution. For more information about Aix-en-Provence, France, visit


Université de Bâle - Basel, Switzerland

Baylor students interested in this program can take French language and culture courses, as well as courses in German. Basel is a beautiful city located in northwestern Switzerland, very close to the border with France and Germany. German is the dominant language in Basel but French is also spoken. We recommend this program to students interested in both French and German. For more information, click here or contact Dr. Cristian Bratu (