Theresa Varney Kennedy

Theresa Varney Kennedy
Professor of French
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Research/Teaching Interests

  • Early Modern French women writers and playwrights

  • Seventeenth-century French theater

  • Representation of female characters in theater

  • Early Modern pedagogical theater

  • Children’s literature in French


Ph.D., French, University of Maryland, College Park, 2007

M.A., French, University of Maryland, College Park, 2001

Certificate of Qualification in French, State University College at Buffalo, 1997-1998

B.A., French, State University at Buffalo, New York, 1997

B.A., Music Performance, State University at Buffalo, New York, 1996

Courses Taught at Baylor

  • Intermediate French (FRE 2310)

  • Passport to the French-Speaking World (FRE 2320)

  • Conversational French (FRE 3302)

  • Introduction to French Literature (FRE 3310)

  • Children’s Literature in French (FRE 3312)

  • Panorama of French Theater (FRE 3315)

  • A Moveable Feast: An Exploration of Paris and Its Culture (FRE 3348)

  • French Writers and Ideas I: From Roland to Revolution (FRE 4331)

  • French Writers and Ideas II: From Romanticism to Post-Modernism (FRE 4332)

  • Special Topics: Madame de Maintenon’s Proverbs in Translation (FRE 4V90)

Selected Publications


Women’s Deliberation: The Heroine in Early Modern French Women’s Theater (1650–1750). London/New York: Routledge, 2018.

Critical Editions

  • Maintenon, Madame de. Proverbes dramatiques. Perry Gethner and Theresa Varney Kennedy, eds. Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2014.

  • Françoise Pascal’s ‘Agathonphile martyr, tragi-comédie’: An annotated critical edition. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, « Biblio 17 », 2008.

Book Chapters

  • Co-authored with David Jortner. “Corneille versus the French Academy: Teaching Le Cid through Courtroom Drama.” In Teaching French Neoclassical Tragedy. Hélène Bilis and Ellen McClure, eds. (New York: Modern Language Association) (forthcoming).

  • “Women’s Honesty in Molière’s Theater.” In L’Honnêteté au Grand Siècle: Belles Manières et Belles Lettres. Ed. Marcella Leopizzi. (Tübingen: Gunter Narr, « Biblio 17 », 2020): 365-377.

  • “Revisiting the ‘Woman Question’ in Molière’s Theater.” In Molière Re-envisioned. Twenty-first Century Retakes / Renouveau et renouvellement moliéresques. Reprises contemporaines. Ed. Giovanni Dotoli (Paris: Éditions Hermann, 2019): 417-441.


  • “The Tyrannical Mother in Madame de Staal-Delaunay's Eighteenth-Century Comedy.” Women in French Studies 27 (2019): 89-99.

  • “Early Modern Women’s Mobility in French Women’s Theater.” Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal 14.1 (2019): 119-130.

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