Modern Languages & Cultures

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of global citizenship by fostering both linguistic proficiency and intercultural awareness within a nurturing community of scholars.

We honor diversity in all we do.

Earn a Master's in Spanish

The Master of Arts program in Spanish prepares students to pursue the Ph.D. in Spanish and related fields, to become effective teachers and to work in business and professional activities that require Spanish in this country and abroad.

Study Abroad Programs

The Modern Languages and Cultures department at Baylor offers both summer and semester-long study-abroad opportunities in more than a dozen countries such as... Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Peru, Russia, and Spain.

Interactive Media & Language Center

The interactive Media and Language Center serves the students and faculty of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. The facility is located on the third floor of the Draper Academic Building, suite 356 and room 355. The Center strives to be a model for technology-assisted language teaching and learning. MLC students are encouraged and supported in their language-learning journey while faculty members are encouraged and supported in their language acquisition pedagogy and associated technology.

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