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MLC Faculty Colloquia

Spring 2018

  • Dr. Gabrielle Miller, Dr. Sean DeLouche, and Dr. Holly Collins -- “Love, Lust, and Licentiousness in 19th Century Europe ” (February 14, 3:30pm)

Past Colloquia:

Fall 2017

  • Dr. Richard Duran -- “Against Grammar” (September 6, 3:30pm)
  • Dr. Rafael CLiment-Espino-- “Literature Out of Codex: Textual Materials and Object-Books in 21st century Spain” (October 11, 3:30pm)
  • Dr. Cindy Walter-Gensler-- “The Third Reich as Satire: Johannes Mario Simmel’s Hurra! Wir leben noch!” (November 8, 3:30pm)

Spring 2017
  • Dr.Theresa Kennedy-- “Deliberating the Heroine in Early Modern French Women's Theater ” (April 19, 3:30pm)


Fall 2016
  • Dr. Richard Duran -- “Form Without Content: A Crucial Transitional Step in Verb Assimilation” (September 1, 3:30pm)
  • Dr.Yuko Prefume -- “Exploring a flipped classroom approach in a Japanese language classroom” (September 14, 3:30pm)
  • Dr. Lizbeth Souza-Fuertes -- “New Testimonial Voices of Afro-Brazilian Intellectuals: The Quilombhoje Group ” (November 21, 3:30pm)

Spring 2016
  • Dr. Abdul-Massih Saadi -- "Lesson from Immersion in the Language" (February 17, 3:30pm)
  • Profs. Billie Hulke, Tracey Jones, & Spanish Graduate Student Krista Eades -- "Celebrate Communication, Promote Proficiency, Love Learning: Serious Communicative Activities That Are Seriously Fun" (March 15, 3:30pm)
  • Prof. Serena Dal Pont -- "Pen Pals to Chat-Buddies: A Virtual Exchange Program for an Enrichment Beyond the Classroom" (April 8, 3:30pm)
Fall 2015
  • Dr. Fernanda Bueno -- "Speak!" (September 16, 3:30pm)
  • Professor Holly Shi -- "Integrating Anki into the Foreign Language Classroom" (October 21, 3:30pm)
  • Dr. Cristian Bratu -- “Fazer de Lisboa nova Roma: A Reassessment of the Notion of Translatio in Camões's Lusíads” (November 19, 3:30pm)

Spring 2015
  • Prof. Janet Norden and guests -- "A Case of Beginners in Integral Theory: Applying AQAL Quadrants to Literature"
  • Dr. Michael Boerm -- "It's a Conspiracy!: The Reorganization of the French Auxiliary System in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective"
  • Dr. Andy Wisely -- "Writing a Nazi Criminal Biography: The Historian as Detective"
  • Dr. Alex McNair -- "Verbal Art, Folk Religion, and the Pan-Hispanic Ballad Tradition"

Fall 2014
  • Prof. Rosalie Barrera – “The Student Voice in Language Learning”
  • Prof. Billie Hulke – "Integrating Art: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and So Much More"
  • Dr. Renée Anne Poulin – “’First Music, Then Words’?: A Consideration of Philological Issues in Opera Studies”

Spring 2014
  • Prof. Eva Hruska—“Using Social Music Media in the Foreign Language Classroom”
  • Dr. Abjar Bahkou—“Jurji Zaydan: Activist and Reformer during the Arab Renaissance-Connections to the Arab Spring”
  • Dr. Jennifer Good—“What we can know: archival research and the search for truth“ with Elise Kappelmann and Katherine Kappelmann
  • Dr. Abdul-Massih Saadi—“Lessons for Bible Translation: Implication in Learning and Teaching Language at Baylor”

Fall 2013
  • Dr. Paul Larson—“Freckles, True (False) Confessions, and Redemption in Berceo's ‘La abadesa preñada’.”
  • Prof. Billie Hulke—“Resources and Strategies for Enhancing Language and Cultural Proficiency”
  • Dr. Richard Duran—“Reflections from a French Lycée Observation"