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Moran - Student Spotlight Daniella Romero

Daniella Romero

While growing up in Mexico, I attended a completely Francophone school, and throughout my academic years I continued studying languages. Whether it was French, Spanish, English, German or some other form of speech, I was intrigued by the million ways one could call the same object or feeling. I became passionate about languages and, along the way, I fell in love with cultures.

"I don't know what God and destiny have planned for me, but I do know that my future has languages and culture all over it."

For three and a half years at Baylor, I studied international relations while continuing to develop my language skills. I had the opportunity to take classes that only furthered my desire to enrich my linguistic and cultural knowledge. I was lucky enough to travel, study abroad, and experience these first-hand. Working at the Language Acquisition Center (LAC), minoring in two languages-French and Spanish-and attending cultural events, I had the honor of meeting amazing teachers who showed me different sides of culture, encouraged me to reach my full potential, and inspired me to find a way to make something out of my passion and love for diversity.

I don't know what the future holds. I don't know what God and destiny have planned for me, but I do know that my future has languages and culture all over it. Today, I am a Baylor graduate, a language freak, a culture lover, a world traveler and as I most recently learned an Ambassador of Good Will. Thanks to the many things studying culture has taught me and the person I have become through my experiences, Rotary International and District 5890 awarded me the 2011-2012 Ambassadorial Scholarship to represent the US and Rotary in Switzerland for a year. I will be living in Geneva, the center of diplomacy, and earning my Masters in International Affairs. I will have the opportunity to speak the languages I love, to expose myself to yet another culture, and to surround myself with people and places that have so much to teach me. Most importantly, I will get to teach what I know and share what I have experienced. I will have the honor to share my passion and tell others about my love for languages and culture. I will become a new and different kind of speaker, one that can not only communicate in other languages but will also show others that communication builds bridges and is our tool to change the world.

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