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Student Spotlights

Andy DeSantiago
"All in all it's been a blast and I've enjoyed the multifaceted nature of my work - mostly because of the various hats I got to wear at Baylor in the Spanish program there, which included student, TA, tutor and teacher."

Melissa Carruth
"...I understand that it meant a lot that the Mexican company received the very sensitive message in their own language and with an awareness of cultural and linguistic connotations within the letter's discourse."

Daniella Romero
"I had the opportunity to take classes that only furthered my desire to enrich my linguistic and cultural knowledge. I was lucky enough to travel, study abroad, and experience these first-hand."

Christian Alvarez
"I am eternally grateful and happy I had the support from all of the Modern Languages and Cultures department. I am confident that they transform lives and empower every student to pursue and achieve their dreams no matter what they may be."

Kaleigh Moran
"These past four years in the French department have been indescribable. Thanks to the way my professors challenged me, I have learned more than I ever thought possible..."

Lauren Hughes
"The Baylor faculty provides a supportive atmosphere for the students, and I am glad to say that I know most of the faculty for the BIC, International Studies, and German department by name..."

Aaron Reynolds
"When I came to Baylor in the Fall of 2005, I had no intention of studying French, let alone majoring in it. With the help and encouragement of several professors however, I became extremely interested in the subject and knew I wanted to continue studying it..."

Rachel Beil
"I'm a double major in French and Religion and have loved being part of Baylor's College of Arts and Sciences. The French classes I took at Baylor provided me with a sturdy foundation to spend a semester in Caen, France..."

Alicia M. Reyes-Barrientez
"I am ever thankful for my experience in the Spanish department at Baylor University, which fostered my excitement for learning and confirmed my calling to teach."

Amanda Beck
"Studying Spanish and taking part in the summer program in Madrid were two major things that contributed to me getting this job."