BearAid Disaster Relief Teams

BearAid Disaster Relief Teams

As disasters strike communities across our state, nation, and globe, the BearAid Team serves communities throughout the relief and recovery process by participating in transformational activities of service that deepen a love for neighbors. This team will respond, when available, to disasters on weekends and during student breaks. You are not expected to attend all of them, just as you are available and able. 


The BearAid Team provides:

Relief Response – The team will travel after disasters strike to provide immediate relief through activities such as cleaning up trash and debris, sorting and distributing supplies at distribution centers, cooking and feeding both those affected from the disaster and the volunteers who come to help, and various other tasks that help neighbors begin the process of recovery. These trips will often occur within 2-3 weeks of the disaster on weekends, after locations are vetted by partner organizations and tasks are available that our team can do safely.

Fire response –The team may be called out to assist firefighters and first responders at major fires by providing hydration and food, checking/triaging responders as they come off the field, and meeting other needs based on the situation, such as cleanup or meals. These trips will occur as the disaster is occurring and the team will be positioned in safe staging areas for the first responders.

Local Response – The team will be ready to respond as the need arises in our own community, such as hydration and cooling station at home football games. These trips will occur as needed in our area.

Recovery Response – The team is invited to participate in the long-term recovery of carefully selected locations that Baylor Missions partners with. Through this the team will work alongside those in the community who are leading rebuilding efforts to help move through the recovery phase. This may include tasks more aligned to rebuilding efforts, such as dry-walling and painting. These trips will often occur during scheduled class breaks, such as Winter break, Spring Break, and in May after graduation.


Team Member Requirements

  • Current student, faculty or staff at Baylor University
  • No experience in disaster relief or construction needed
  • Fill out required application:
  • Complete background check
  • Sign waiver for Baylor travel
  • Attend required trainings
  • Commit to at least one disaster relief trip a semester


If you have any questions, please send us an email at!

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