Hurricane Ida Relief

Hurricane Ida Relief

Students, faculty, staff, alumni can express interest in supporting Hurricane Ida Relief at

Supply Drive

Please consider donating the following items, and delivering to the Bobo Spiritual Life Center located at 500 Speight Ave, Waco, TX by Friday, September 24th. Please make your deliveries between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. If other arrangements are needed, please email

Items may also be purchased on Amazon or any online retailer and mailed to the following address:

Baylor University

C/O Jennifer Crosslin

One Bear Place 97013

Waco, TX 76798-7013

Items Needed:

Travel Size Mouthwash

Travel Size Toothpaste


Dry Shampoo

Tissue Packs 



Bug Spray


Hand Sanitizer

Deodorant - Neutral Scents

Shaving Cream

Over the Counter Pain Relief (tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.)

Over the Counter Wound Care Ointment

Word Search/Crossword Puzzle Books

Mechanical Pencils/Colored Pens

Activity Books


Coloring Books


Card Decks/Games (Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno, Etc)

Small Toys (Bouncy Balls, Glow Sticks, Small Playdough/Slime, Yo-yos)

Beef Jerky

Peanut Butter


Pickle Packs 


Granola Bars

Hungry Man Soups with pull tab tops

Trail Mix packs

Fruit cups/Applesauce

Individual Chip Bags

Individual snack packs (cookies, crackers, etc)

Tuna Pouches


Liquid IV Electrolyte Packets

Drink Pouches (juice, kool-aid, capri sun, Horizon milk packs)

Men's tall socks

Anti-chafe cream/powders

Stryker Essential Bath Washcloth Packs 

Wet Wipes

Baby Wipes

Diapers (Baby and Adult)

Sunburn Creams/Aloe Vera


Roofing Nails

Cleaning Supplies

Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Small Flashlights with Batteries

Battery Operated Fans with Batteries

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Plastic Ware 

Styrofoam To-Go Boxes


(list updated 9/7/2021)


Student Organizations

Student organizations may pitch in by committing to purchase particular items needed to assemble kits which will be delivered and distributed to those in need. To register your organization for this, please complete a registration form here.


Assembly Kit Prep

** All spots have been filled. Registration is closed for kit prep!** Volunteers may volunteer to assemble kits for those impacted or displaced by Hurricane Ida on Tuesday, September 28th from 9 am – 4 pm  at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center. Face covering required during assembly. 


Disaster Relief Service Opportunities

Students interested in joining a team to serve by supporting recovery and rebuilding efforts in Louisiana over Fall Break may express interest at

Donate & Support

If you would like to provide immediate financial assistance to relief efforts in areas impacted by Hurricane Ida, you may want to consider one of the listed organizations/campaigns below. While many of these organizations are focused on immediate relief efforts by providing shelter and supplies, some specialize in providing medical care and aid for those impacted. 

Monetary donations should only be made to fully vetted sites and organizations. Charity Navigator provides information on organizations, as well as ratings for more than 9,000 charities.

Note: While Baylor University is supportive of the relief efforts currently being conducted by these organizations, Baylor University is not affiliated with them. 

Online Financial Donation Sites/Campaigns

  • Matthew 25: Ministries
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • Launching immediate and long-term response to Hurricane Ida; deploying their Disaster Response Team and shipping aid into the impacted areas
    • To donate
  • Samaritan's Purse
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • Staff and 3 Relief Units are on the ground in Louisiana
    • To donate (donation campaigns are listed on main page)
  • Americares 
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • Choose your donation amount and it can be matched 2Xby MathWorks up to the $500,000 goal
    • To donate 
  • Convoy of Hope 
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • Teams are in Louisiana distributing water, food and relief supplies
    • To donate
  • All Hands and Hearts Smart Response 
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • To donate
    • Their Disaster Assessment and Response Team (DART) reported to Beaumont, Texas on August 27 in preparation of the storm and is now stationed in New Orleans. Two of their disaster relief teams are also working in Louisiana.
  • American Kidney Fund
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • Disaster Relief Program provides $200 emergency grants to dialysis and post-transplant patients in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Ida
    • To donate  
  • Global Giving 
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • To donate 
      • Click on "Projects" tab to give to specific projects/funds (e.g., donate to Second Harvest Food Bank NOLA)
  • World Vision Disaster Relief
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • Sending 4 truckloads of supplies to Louisiana
    • To donate 
  •  Catholic Charities  
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • To donate, text HurrIda to 41444 or visit To donate by phone, please call 1-800-919-9338.
  • Episcopal Relief & Development 
    • 4 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • To donate
  • American Red Cross
    • 3 star rating (Charity Navigator)
    • To donate  
  • Texas Baptist Men (TBM) 
    • No Charity Navigator Encompass Score available
    • TBM has deployed a mass feeding kitchen, a shower unit, an incident command unit as well as assessors to serve in South Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida
Other ways to help
  • GIVE - Giving money is one of the best ways you can immediately respond. Support relief agencies that are responding directly to help individuals and communities affected.
  • LEARN - Follow news coverage and take time to learn what the needs are. Follow social media and stay tuned to reports from the scene. Responders will be quick to share what is needed (and what is not). Don't show up to volunteer uninvited, as your presence may interfere with recovery efforts and distract responders. Once you learn what the needs are, there are several ways you can help (e.g., donate blood, hold a collection drive for requested items, etc.)
  • PREPARE - Do you have a desire to be more hands-on? Consider training to become a disaster response volunteer. Invest in learning valuable skills, knowledge, and protocol so that agencies can deploy you to help when disaster strikes.
  • PRAY - Lift up the individuals, families, and communities affected in prayer. Pray for God's comfort and mercy, His healing and protection, His relief and restoration. Recovery is often a long-term process and continues long after the media leaves.


Additional Resources

Do your research to determine if organizations are legitimate. Charity Navigator lists reputable organizations. Great Nonprofits and Give Well has reviews of nonprofit groups and can help you see how much of your money goes directly to relief.

Louisiana residents in affected areas can apply for possible FEMA assistance.


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