Isolation and Quarantine Housing Resources

Isolation and Quarantine Housing Resources

Important Update

On-campus isolation and quarantine ends at noon on May 6, 2021. If you are in quarantine after that date you will need to move-out of the residence halls.

Aramark Meal delivery stops after dinner on May 5, 2021. Students are responsible for their own breakfast on May 6th, 2021.


Students may contact staff at for questions or needs they might have.  This email address will be checked during normal business hours but should not be used for an emergency situation.


Medical Concerns

I am feeling worse – what do I do?

Students can call the Health Center number (254) 710-1010 and ask to speak with a nurse Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM until 1 PM.  After hours the main phone line is answered by a “nurse line” allowing students to speak with a nurse about their concerns and receive advice. 

The respiratory and Covid testing clinic is in the North Village Community Center (254-710-1010). The testing clinic hours are Monday through Friday 9AM until 4 PM and Saturdays 9 AM until 1 PM. 

Call Respiratory and COVID Testing Clinic

Please note that all students with respiratory illnesses will be seen by a provider at the North Village Community Center Clinic and all Covid testing will be done there.  Appointments are required.

Who do I call about question concerning when I can leave isolation/quarantine?

Students can call the Health Center number (254) 710-1010 with questions.

Call Health Center

Meal Ordering through Aramark

You must order by 6pm each day.

If you go into quarantine/isolation after 6PM you must call Aramark between 8-9AM the next morning @ 254-710-7550 to make meal arrangements. You will be ordering for the next day’s lunch, dinner, and breakfast the following morning, if you select all three meals.

Example: Today is Monday at 4pm, you are ordering lunch for Tuesday, dinner for Tuesday and breakfast for Wednesday. Thursday Only: Today is Thursday at 4PM you are ordering lunch and dinner for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and breakfast for Friday-Monday.

Order Aramark Meals

  • Select Quarantine and Isolation Meals Tab
  • Select the day you are ordering for, which will always be for the next day’s delivery (except Thursday when you will order for Friday-Sunday).
  • Choose each meal that you want to order.
  • Once all items are in your cart, sign into your account (if you have not previously ordered, you will have to set up an account).
  • Click Continue
  • Under Order Information select the date you are ordering for (remember – always the next day).
  • Always select the 11:00am time slot and select method as Pick-up. (We know you are not picking of your food, but this tells Aramark that our staff is picking it up for you. We will then delivery your food to your room.)
  • Enter your name and phone number in the Contact information.
  • Under special instructions – please include your isolation/quarantine location including room number.
  • Payment Method – select meal plan from the drop-down box (Baylor ID#). If you have a limited meal plan and want to order for the weekend, you can select the credit card option for those meals.

Students can call Aramark at 254-710-4762 if they have any questions, need to discuss dietary needs or food allergy concerns.

Call Aramark

Students can use their meal plan when ordering through Aramark. If you are paying via meal plan, please disregard the daily cost as your meal plan will be charged accordingly. If a student does not have a meal plan, they can order and pay via credit card.  All meals ordered through Aramark will be delivery daily to the door of the student’s isolation/quarantine location.

Meal & Supply Delivery Schedule

Currently in Isolation/Quarantine:

  • M-F 11am – 1pm – lunch, dinner, breakfast for the next day
  • Saturday 12-1:30pm – lunches, dinners and breakfasts through Monday morning

Newly Assigned: These will be grab-n-go bags that consists of microwavable quick meals, snacks and water.

  • M-F 1-7PM – dinner, breakfast
  • Weekend – meals to last through Monday breakfast
Mail, Package & Bookstore Delivery (On-campus only)

While you are in quarantine/isolation Student Life staff will offer package, mail, and bookstore delivery service. You can expect to receive your items within 24 hours of your request. Note: We do not deliver items after 5pm on Friday or on the weekends. 

Please fill out this link:

  • AFTER you receive a package notification from the Baylor Mail Room; NOT before. It can take some time to process mail/packages AFTER you receive the delivery confirmation from your carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.). 
  • IF you are expecting mail in your mailbox.
  • AFTER you have placed an order Baylor Bookstore online AND you have been notified it is ready for pick up.

Please DO NOT use this link: 

  • If you anticipate being released from quarantine/isolation within 24hrs from the time you fill out this form. If you submit this form you will be unable to pick up your packages upon release.

Finally, if you are moved to another location AFTER you fill out this form, please email to give us your updated location information. We will do our best to get you’re your items in a timely manner. 

Mail, Packages, and Bookstore Delivery Form:

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Library Materials Loans

While you are in quarantine or isolation housing, if you need physical library materials (books, dvds, cds, etc.) that are available to circulate, you can request them for delivery to your door by contacting the Library Circulation desk.  Requested items will be delivered by the BearAid staff.  For the duration of your required quarantine or isolation time, you will be able to renew Baylor-owned items through your online library account.  

To request library physical resources, email Please include the permalink for each requested item and a note clearly stating that you are requesting delivery for quarantine or isolation.

Library Technology Loans

While you are in quarantine or isolation, if your personal technology is not adequate to complete your academic work, and if you cannot arrange your own alternative, equipment may be available to you to borrow from the library. This will most often be a laptop for those who only have tablets, Chromebooks, or other Operating System mismatch, and cannot utilize Respondus Lockdown Browser, Adobe, or other software you typically would access via a general access or lab computer.

Loans will extend through your required quarantine or isolation period and be delivered to your door by BearAid staff. We will sanitize and quarantine loaned equipment upon return, but please do your best to sanitize items as well, prior to their return to HelpDesk+ in the Garden Level of Moody Library. Laptops should be returned in the same packaging in which they were received.

Email to request a laptop or other required technology.

Laundry Service (On-campus only)

If you would like to request laundry pick up, please contact by 10AM M-F and a bag will be delivered to your room with the noon meal delivery. Otherwise, it will be the next business day. Instructions for laundry service is in bag.

Trash Pickup (On-campus only)

Isolation Apartments (BP3, Arbors, Flats):

Please have your trash bagged and tied outside your unit door by 9:00 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  We will have the trash picked up immediately after.  DO NOT set any trash outside your front door after 9:00am. If you miss the pick-up wait until the next scheduled day.

Quarantine Rooms in Residence Halls:

Please have your trash bagged and tied outside your unit door by 9:00 am on Monday through Friday mornings.  Housekeeping will make their rounds and pick up trash. DO NOT set any trash outside your front door after 9:00am. If you miss the pick-up wait until the next scheduled day. Make sure all trash is in bags.

Housekeeping Needs (On-campus Only)

Supplies are needed (toilet paper, plates, trash bags, etc) – email

Local Pharmacy Delivery Options

Baylor Pharmacy – Health Center, 2nd Floor SLC. Call the pharmacy at 254-710-4991 to ask for prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines.

HEB Plus – South Valley Mills Drive (8am-8pm Mon-Fri – 9am-6pm Sat – 10am-5pm Sun)


Circle Drug (9am-6pm Monday – Saturday – Closed on Sunday)


Student should call pharmacy directly to pay for prescription and setup delivery.  Provide physical address of isolation housing location. 

Delivery driver will call student’s cell phone upon arrival, so student must answer call.  Driver will knock on door, set prescription down, but must-see student open the door and pickup prescription. 

CVS and Walgreens do not offer direct delivery, they mail/ship prescriptions.  This is not an option for isolation/quarantine students. 

Grocery Delivery

H-E-B Delivery

Local Restaurant Delivery

Revival Eastside Eatery – offers delivery/specials to Baylor students

Waitr Food Delivery & Carryout

Favor Delivery


Uber Eats

Prayer & Pastoral Care

We want you to know that we are praying for you! We also want you to be able to join us for some prayer and meditation times online.

You're invited to join any Monday through Thursday at the following times if you would like to join:

  • Mindfulness Meditation at 1:30-2pm 
    • Register here:
    • Join us for a variety of different mindfulness meditation practices, including compassion meditation and loving your neighbor meditation. Most of these practices will be guided meditations. 
  • Evening Prayer at 9:30-10pm 
    • Register here:
    • Compline (/ˈkɒmplɪn/ KOM-plin), also known as Complin, Night Prayer, or the Prayers at the End of the Day, is the final church service (or office) of the day in the Christian tradition of canonical hours, which are prayed at fixed prayer times.

Resident Chaplains will be checking in with students during their isolation/quarantine time.  These check-ins might not be daily, so if a specific pastoral care need arises, students can send an email to and staff will have a resident chaplain contact them.

Counseling Services

Students can access services via telebehavioral health provided by the Baylor Counseling Center:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment 254-710-2467
  2. Complete your initial paperwork online
  3. Meet with one of our clinicians


In crisis and need immediate help? Our 24-hour crisis hotline is available at 254-710-2467.

Academic Resources for Students In Isolation and Quarantine

Are you a student who uses accommodations?

Now that you have transitioned to all online classes, you want to make sure that you visit with your assigned OALA Accommodation Specialist to discuss how your accommodations might work. Feel free to call or email your Accommodation Specialist directly. They are happy to meet with students via Teams. If you can’t remember the name of your Accommodation Specialist, just email or call 254-710-3605 and ask to whom you are assigned.

There’s An App for That! Download the Navigate App by going to your app store and select Baylor. The app will help you keep track of important to dos, schedule appointments, and launch you forward on a timely path graduation.

NOTHING can keep you from getting a boost through Academic Support Programs!

Puzzled about how to study effectively every day and still have time for yourself?

  • Design a customized Weekly Study Plan with the help of an experienced student. Contact Cheyenne Kelley at 254-710-8696 or email for a virtual appointment with one of our Academic Mentors!

Need some encouragement, as well as guidance and accountability, in completing assignments, tackling the reading, working the problem sets, doing the studying, and preparing for tests?

  • Benefit from a standing, weekly appointment (virtual) with an Academic Mentor.  Contact Trish Baum at 254-710-8696 or

Struggling to thoroughly understand and apply concepts coming at you in a challenging course?

  • Talk with a Tutor and get it straight in your head!  Baylor tutors are available (free!) by private appointment in Teams or Zoom, virtual group sessions in targeted courses, or video tutorials (Calculus, Precalculus, biology, genetics, CSI 1430) on a dedicated YouTube channel.  Detailed information is available on the Tutoring website at or by phone at 254-710-8696 or by email at

Want to talk through challenging course content with other students in your class?

  •  Learn how to study and what to study.  Attend SI regularly.  Session times for the virtual meetings are posted on your Canvas. Your grades will reflect that you participated in SI sessions!

Could you use some strategies for studying in your online classes?

Want to try proven, brain-based study strategies?

  • Discover some fresh approaches on our website at > Study Strategies or >After Hours Help!  Or make an appointment for a conversation with one of our staff by calling 254-710-8696!

Have any other academic related questions and just don’t know where to go for help? Email or call 254-710-8212 and we will get you connected to the right office on campus to help with your need.

Missions & Public Life

Bobo Spiritual Life Center
500 Speight Ave.
Waco, TX 76798

(254) 710-3517