Children's Ministry & Recreation

Children's Ministry & Recreation

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The Blue House Team

We partner with Crossroads Fellowship Church to assist them with their evening program for kids. This church purchased a house (it's blue) in the neighborhood many years ago and they host regular programs for children and families. We support their ministry by participating in their Tuesday and Thursday evening program. 

We help with homework, play educational games and build relationships with kids from the Kate Ross Community. This is a wonderful way to help supplement a child's education as well as get to know some wonderful children who live in Kate Ross. 

Kate Ross Kings Club

Kate Ross Kings Club is possible because of a partnership with Mission Waco and Waco Housing Authority. This is a great opportunity to provide a safe and constructive environment for children on Thursday afternoons. As a volunteer you are responsible for the children’s safety while they are at Kids club. The best way to avoid injury and conflict is for all volunteers to work to maintain a safe environment. Please be aware of your surroundings and participate in making this the best year of Kids Club yet! 

We gather the kids from the neighborhood, play outside with them (including soccer, football, jump rope, chalk, reading books, games, and just hanging out), have a short lesson/Bible story, snack, and take them home! We do this to be examples of God's love to kids who desperately need it by forming relationships with them, teaching them about Jesus, and being a positive, consistent influence in their lives. 

Kendrick Kids Club

Kendrick Kids Club is possible because of a partnership with Kendrick Lane Baptist Church led by Pastor Greg. This is a great opportunity to help build up a local church while providing a safe and constructive environment for children on Thursday afternoons. This is a fantastic opportunity to love children in Waco with Christ’s love and serve as a mentor in showing them how to live in community. You can make a difference! 

We are a dedicated team that has a heart for service! We present that by offering our time and love to his children. We play games such as kickball and soccer with the kids then take them inside for a quick devotion and snack time. It’s a great time to connect and build relationships with kids from the community! 

Mission Waco Children's Afterschool

As a team, we carpool down to The Rock, Mission Waco's afterschool program for elementary-age students (from local inner-city schools) and assist the Mission Waco staff. Our roles range from helping the kids with homework problems when they first arrive to supervising basketball or playground activities, reading stories to the youngsters or talking to a table as they eat the dinner provided. Our goal as a team is to create intentional and consistent relationships with each other, the staff of Mission Waco, and most importantly, the kids. We work to provide a safe and reliable environment for them to grow in as they continue to learn about themselves, their school subjects and God's love for them. The kids love it when we come and it's a blast loving and serving them!

Talitha Koum Children's Recreation Team

Talitha Koum is a therapeutic mental health program for children ages 8 weeks to 5 years of age. This ministry was started by members of Crossties Church when they realized they needed to intervene in children's lives as early as possible. 

We are excited to partner with this wonderful organization to provide programming for children while their parents attend a one-hour meeting where they will receive encouragement, education, and support. We hang out in a giant gym where the children have access to lots of toys, tricycles and sports equipment. If you join our team you will have the opportunity to be a consistent stable source of love and direction for the children during this time. These are wonderful children and our team is looking for dedicated students who are willing to serve consistently. 

Talitha Koum Set-up Team

In order to provide the services and training Talitha Koum gives to their families, they need a team willing to work behind the scenes to set up the tables and equipment needed. Our student volunteers fulfill this need by organizing their meeting spaces before the meetings. Set-up team comes for an hour during the afternoon prior to the meeting so that come 6:00, everything is ready. That includes selecting and setting out "Pick-a-Gift" items, getting tables ready for dinner, etc.

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