Letter Writing

Letter Writing

Letter writing is a tried-and-true way to recruit supporters for your mission trip. Follow these six easy steps to go from a blank page to an epic call to give.

Step One: Read the Support Raising 101 packet! (Yes, the whole thing!)
Step Two: Begin gathering your list of supporters NOW!

Start by brainstorming and writing down a list of family, friends, church members, teachers, etc. who you think would enjoy partnering with you in this experience.

Your church directory, Christmas card list, the the people to whom you sent graduation announcements all are good places to begin.

Next, go back through this list & narrow it to: 10-20 names (if raising $200-$300) 20-30 names (if raising $400-$600), etc.

Then, make sure you have everyone’s addresses with you when you get ready to address envelopes & write your letter.

Reminder: don't expect to get all your fundraising from letter writing...this is just one of MANY ways you should be ACTIVELY seeking supporters for your trip.

Step Three: Write an awesome support letter!
Sample Letter for Print

There is no magical formula for writing a support letter. But there are some special touches and must-have information to make your letter a must read this holiday season!

Awesome Letter Writers….
  • Keep it short & to the point (your goal should be a 1 page MAX…it’s a letter, not a novel!)
  • Don’t use CrAzY fonts or abbreviations. Be professional.
  • PROOFREAD! Ask your team leader or a Baylor Missions staff member to proof your letter before you send out 100 peaces of mail…see what I mean?
  • Make it personal: Write in the person’s name BY HAND rather than Dear Friends & Family. Also, handwrite a little note on the bottom to the person. Example: Dear Becky, Looking forward to seeing you during Spring Break & telling you more about my mission trip in person!
Things to write about:
  • Where & when you are you going?
  • Who is going with you? (What team are you on)
  • Who is the sponsoring organization? (BU Missions)
  • What are you going to do there?
  • How can the individual’s support help you/your team?
  • What are some other needs, besides money, that supporters can help with? (materials, medicine, etc.)
  • Thank them for their support & let them know how they can stay up to date on your missions journey (ex. are you or your team keeping a trip blog? Instagram? Twitter?).
How & where can they send support to you or your team?

All tax-deducible team donation checks should be addressed to Baylor University and sent to the address below along with a Donor Form. Be sure to include it in your letter!

Note: If the check has your name on it anywhere, it becomes a PAYMENT, rather than a donation.

  • Option One: Send checks & Donor Forms to: Baylor Missions, One Bear Place #97013, Waco, TX 76798
  • Option Two: You can have them send money to you (personally) at your address…then YOU will be responsible for getting that money to Baylor. This money would not be tax-deductible, but rather serve as a payment
  • Option Three: Donate via Torch by sharing your unique team link
Step Four: Print @ Home OR on campus (thank you PawPrints!)

Don't forget to print a Donor Form too!

Step Five: Address & Stuff Envelopes

Personalize your letters and hand write your envelopes…special touches go along way.

Make sure that every letter includes a Donor Form that should be returned to BU Missions with the donation or payment. Be sure to write your name in the "in Honor of" line before mailing!

If you want to go ABOVE & BEYOND, include a small pre-addressed envelope in the envelope (but you have to bring those yourself).

Step Six: Seal & Send!

So you’ve written a million letters…now what? Follow up!

Next time you see the person, as them if they got your letter; write them a Facebook message; call them. Don’t let your letter get lost in a pile of bills or junk mail--remind them about it!

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