Resources for Churches

Resources for Churches

Youth Ministry Teams (YMTs) exist to serve our local churches. We have several teams of college students excited to help your church and your students!

Do you need help with?
  • Wednesday nights?
  • Leading worship?
  • D-Now Weekends?
We have students gifted in...
  • Speaking, Preaching, Teaching
  • Leading exciting and meaningful times of worship
  • Planning and leading recreation
What will my event look like if a YMT comes to my church?

YMTs are student-led groups of undergraduates who provide a variety of resources for churches while seeking practical youth ministry experience. Each team is composed of 15 to 20 students gifted in guiding small groups, speaking/preaching, organizing recreation and leading worship.

Our YMTs will travel to your church and help in any way they can to reach out to your youth in new and exciting ways!

Interested in hosting a Youth Ministry Team?

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Events We Help With

Much of what we do as Youth Ministry Teams happens on Wednesday nights at different churches, both in McLennan County and the surrounding areas.

Wednesday Nights

Here's a typical line-up of a Wednesday Night...

  • Activity or game
  • Worship led by a YMT band
  • A message delivered by one of our students
  • And/or possibly a small group discussion
D-Nows and Retreats

Our students love to take part in Disciple-Now (DNow) weekends and retreats, both locally and across Central Texas! We usually help as small group leaders, but our teams can also provide worship for the weekend and can certainly be used to plan activities for recreation or free time. DNow weekends and retreats are a great way for our students to gain practical youth ministry experience while also challenging them to grow in their own faith journeys as they minister to other students.

Other Events

Game nights, prayer stations, 5th Quarters, and more! Youth Ministry events are as varied and unique as the youth that attend them; with this understanding, we are open to exploring possibilities outside the events listed above.

Missions & Public Life

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