Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

We believe that we can participate in God's Kingdom work through our work, by both finding situations that utilize our specific skills as well as living out the Christian life everyday in the classroom, workplace & community, wherever that may be.

As we consider projects, programs, community partners, and team leaders, we use the following principles to guide our decision-making.

Discipline-Specific Missions

We focus primarily on a discipline-specific approach to missions as it helps our students understand how they can use their specific strengths & passions in service of Christ & the world.

Global & Community Partners

We work alongside partners, who are individuals or organizations embedded in their respective community, that help lead our efforts to meet the needs of our communities of care.

Long-Term Commitment

We believe in sustainable partnerships that significantly impact our communities of care over time. Therefore, we commit to 3-5 year partnerships when collaborating to serve a specific location, and to address a particular challenge identified by our communities of care.


It is our goal to create a life experience where mutual transformation occurs. It is our intent to learn from other cultures, as well as share with them our knowledge, resources & care.


We believe it is our responsibility to insure that all students have an outlet for reflection on their transformative experience. It is our hope that through this reflection process, we help students integrate their experience into their daily lives.

Missions & Public Life

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