Support Raising

Support Raising

It's SUPPORT raising…not just fundraising

When you let your friends, family, church, and community know about your upcoming mission trip, you are support raising, not just fundraising.

Sending a donation link or writing support letters means that they can not only supporting you financially, but that they are also getting the opportunity to travel with you, learn alongside you, as you prepare, serve on mission, and return to share your experiences with them. Open yourself up to the idea that this trip experience can, and should, move beyond yourself and the people you will be serving. Allow people here to journey with you, invest in you, and learn from you as you go.

Getting Started

STEP ONE: Read our Support Raising 101 Guide
STEP TWO: Use your Torch Account
STEP THREE: Send snail-mail and email support letters with our Guide to Letter Writing

Quick Links

Sample Letter for Print Donor Forms Online Giving for Teams
Have questions about support raising? Need a proofreader or help you with your letter writing? Contact us for assistance!
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